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“…sitting in the slow-mo and listening to the daylight…” March 15, 2018

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It’s been a day.
I dropped some F-bombs.
By some, I mean a lot.
My boss is cool.

A walk through the hospital always helps.
Get some steps.
Take a brain break.

Do your kids play summer baseball through the Park Board?
Be on the lookout for Adam.
He the newest part-time scorekeeper at Killian.
All funds go toward Letterbaby.

ME: Are you sure you can handle a part-time job? You’re so tired already.
HIM: I always said I would do anything I had to do to take care of my family. This is what I need to do.
ME: *swoon*

God, I love this man.

I’ve put feelers out with a lot of local bake shop for part-time work, but no luck.
If Adam’s going to be gone, I may as well work, too.
Double the fun.

It’s 73 degrees outside right now.
I’m sitting at my desk.
Jelly now, happy when its 97 degrees outside this summer.

Worked a volunteer shift at the Plaid Door last weekend.
I got a spring dress for $3.
It’s the little things in life.

The president was in our fair state yesterday.
Online posts were divisive.
As always.
One read: Politics aside, it’s always an honor to meeting a sitting president.
It’s not an honor to meet a man who puts his own opinion of himself above all else.
A man who’s making a mockery of an honorable position.
Another read: Respect the position even if you don’t respect the man.
Respect isn’t demanded, it’s earned.
When he shows that position the respect it deserves, I’ll reciprocate.

I’m not holding my breath.

Another hot barre class tonight.
I think I’m becoming addicted.
It’s a good sweat.

My last blog was very sad.
So sad, many friends reached out with words of support.
It’s appreciated.
I’m fine.
I have my moments.
Writing always helps.

I’ve recently started drinking diet Dr. Pepper.
My whole life, I’ve hated diet pop.
Can’t stand the fake sugar aftertaste.
I dunno what happened.
With diet Dr. Pepper, it’s not so bad anymore.
Plus, they have it on fountain in the cafeteria.

It’s St. Pats weekend.
Work potluck tomorrow.
I’m making orange-currant Irish soda bread tonight.

I bought a new yoga mat.
½ inch thick
Those mats measured in millimeters were killing my knee.
I have a bad knee.
Fell on a concrete floor as a cub reporter.
Yes, Adam, I know I should have told HR.
My new mat is bulky.
It’s like I’m a kindergartener going to nap time.
The other ladies are gonna look at me funny.

We’re having grilled cheese and soup for dinner.
I’m thrilled about it.
I have special soup and sandwhich plates.
They are adorable.
I don’t use them enough.

I’ve recently started listening to podcasts.
I can edit while other people talk, but it’s hard to write.
Today was an episode of My Favorite Murderer, Gilmore Guys and two Modern Loves.
I like it.
Then back to Pandora.

Tomorrow is Friday.

Irish pug is Irish.





One Response to ““…sitting in the slow-mo and listening to the daylight…””

  1. Adams Says:

    I’m glad you mentioned dinner. Saves me from commenting on it.

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