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“I’m an architect of days that haven’t happened yet…” September 12, 2017

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Man oh man, has my world changed.
I’m no longer a journalist.
In fact, in the last three weeks, I haven’t written anything longer than a couple sentences.
It’s weird.
A good weird.

The new gig is pretty fab.
It’s not the work, it’s the environment.
It’s the deadline schedule.
It’s the workload.
It’s the stress.
The little things that become big things.
The big things become boulders to overcome.
The struggle gets old.
I was tired.

I feel refreshed.

I thought I’d miss it more than I do.

Corporate life.
There’s a new experience.
I went from a staff of 18 to a company of 11,000+.
There is a form for everything.
There’s also a cafeteria.
It’s a 1/2 mile from my office.
I clocked it on the Apple Watch.

I miss working downtown.
I would have liked to see the 9/11 ceremony yesterday.

It takes 25 minutes to drive to work now.
I can actually hear a full NPR story.

It’s becoming fall.
A lady in my office wore booties today.
First pair I’ve seen at work this season.

I wear a lot more dresses these days.
Journalist chique is no longer a thing.
I’m kind of OK with that.
It feels more adult.
This whole job feels more adult.
I don’t know why.

I have my own office.
First time ever.
It’s fantastic.
And quiet.
I need a lamp.
IKEA run this weekend.

I never thought I’d have an office.
I’m not the office type.
I’m the pit type.
I like to be around people.
I like to talk.
Geoff gets way more text messages from me now.

No update on #Letterbaby.
Still, we wait.

I’ve started working on a nursery.
Even though they told us not to.
How could I not?
I mean, really.
It’s a slow process, but that’s OK, I have a lot of time.

People keep asking me what the theme is.
There is no theme.
There is a color scheme.
Why do all nurseries have to have a theme?
Why must everything be covered in bears or owls or giraffes?
Why can’t it just be modern and adorable?
That’s what I’m striving for.
See the rest of my house.
Nothing in the room will match, yet somehow, it will all go together.

FB ads are targeting me.
I think I need an Owlet now.
Wayfair sends me daily crib updates.

I’m addicted to Hello Fresh boxes.

Headed to KC this weekend for the baby shower of Elliott Greer.
I made his mama something special.

I’m ready for fall festivals.

I just picked up supplies.
I’m #bakingforababy one $25 donation at a time.
One the docket: a batch of chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread cookies and three (!) dozen pumpkin cream cheese muffins.
Want me to bake something for you?
Because I totally will.
And it will be delicious.

Adam is playing in his pinball league tonight.

The winds of change are blowing.
For once in my life, I’ve embraced them.
It’s made all the difference.


Office pug knows what’s what.


One Response to ““I’m an architect of days that haven’t happened yet…””

  1. Adams Says:

    I guess it’s ok that you didn’t talk about what’s for dinner since we’ve already ate.

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