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“…I refuse to believe, that my life’s gonna be, just some string of incompletes…” December 22, 2014

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According to my TimeHop, I wrote a blog on this day last year.
Seems appropriate I do the same this year.
Next year’s TimeHop will be a blog vortex of thought.

Newsflash: It’s two days until Christmas.
I’ve got just one gift left to buy.
I’m not happy about it.
I don’ think I’ve ever had a gift to buy this late in the game.
I just don’t have any good ideas.
Spent most of the day Saturday wandering stores.
We even ventured into the mall
I think I’ve finally got an idea, now, to just execute.
At at store which closes by 5:30 each day.

Sunday was holiday baking day.
One of the best days of the year.
Double-chocolate cracked cookies, fudge and Oreo truffle balls were on the agenda.
I snuck in some chocolate chip cookies last week.
I was on a sugar high.
You know you have to taste these things as you go.
Make sure everything is good.
If you happen to eat a couple warm cookies right out of the oven, that’s the price of doing business, right?

It’s the weird week in the office when we don’t have an issue.
Sent the last issue of the year to press last week.
It’s nice.
The office is practically empty.
I need to remember to schedule more vacation time around the holidays next year.

There are so many Christmas cards on the front counter you can’t see the laminate anymore.
People really love SBJ.

Speaking of treats.
They’ve been rolling in the office non-stop since Thanksgiving.
No wonder so many people make diet resolutions come the 1st.

Present wrapping on tonight’s agenda.
I just love it.
The ribbon.
The bows.
The glitter paper.
It makes my heart smile.

I need some coffee.
When are we getting that office Keurig again?

The grommet on my favorite black coat came loose this morning.
Noticed it right as I sat down for an interview.
I was so worried, it threw me off my game for the first few questions.
I’ve had that coat at least 4 years.
I love it.
I hope the seamstress can fix it.

Big changes are coming in 2015 for my little family.
I’m nervous.
I’m thrilled.
I’m anxious.
Adam is getting an ulcer.

Good response to this year’s #catshaming Christmas card.
Everyone loves a furbaby in a elf hat.

Speaking of furbabies, bought Danny a tie-dye shirt for Christmas the other day.
He’s gonna be adorable.

My radio is on non-stop Christmas music.
John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas” came on the other day.
“So this is Christmas, and what have you done, another year older and a new one’s just begun..”
Though I’ve heard it a thousand times, it made me cry.
What have I done this year?
I’ve worked a lot.
I took a bunch of road trips with my husband.
What have I contributed to our society?
I’m gonna work on that this year.

I love my KitchenAid stand mixer.

Just one more day, just one more day.
That’s my mantra right now.
Just one more day until a 5 day weekend.
This morning it was , just two more days, just two more days…

It was Christmas card/truffle day at work.
I love making others smile.
Also, chocolate.

Real or not real?

Last Christmas, Adam gave me 52 foot massage coupons.
One a week for a year.
I’ve only used like 20.
They expire Dec. 25.
I’ve had a foot massage everyday for the past week.
I think Adam hates life.
Barging has begun.

The Christmas lights are on 24/7 now.
We are in the home stretch.
In the early weeks, we turn them off at night to save electricity.
It’s full tilt electric cheer from here on out.

I’m ready for 24 hours of A Christmas Story.
“My dad worked in profanity the same way other artists worked in oils or clay.”
“The warm glow of electric sex illuminated in the window.”
“Randy lay there like a slug. It was his only defense.”
Damn, I LOVE that movie.

All three of my calendars are lined out for the upcoming year.
My life is chaos contained in deadline.

It’s time to end.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

How excited am I for Christmas? About this excited.

How excited am I for Christmas? About this excited.


One Response to ““…I refuse to believe, that my life’s gonna be, just some string of incompletes…””

  1. Adams Says:

    They expire December 24.

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