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“…too many shadows in my room, too many hours in this midnight…” October 27, 2013

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Hello blog world. Yes, it’s been about five months.
I’ve been busy.

I just wrapped up a month of back to back to back issues with two special sections and a sort of special project section.
It was brutal.
Thanks to proper planning, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
Like last year.
When I started and everything was randomly thrust upon me.
It was crazy.
I secretly cried a lot.

BTW, I’ve been at SBJ a full year now.

Some days I miss community journalism.
Most days I miss regular journalism.
Business news has both been what I expected and not all at the same time.
I’d like to cover a nice house fire one day.
I miss that rush, that fast pace, that thrill.
Maybe a business will burn down.
That’s probably not funny.
Business news is a different beast.
One, after a year, I’m still adjusting to.

Everyday at SBJ I learn something new.
Sometimes it’s a business term.
Sometimes it’s an AP style rule.
Sometimes is just the way of the world.
Or the proper way to read a financial statement.
I love that.
It’s one of the reasons I left CCH.
Change is good.
I was stagnant.

Who watched Game 3 last night?
The Letterman house was all over it.
Most drama-filled game ever.
It was crazy.
It was perfect.
It was true postseason.

It’s fall in the Ozarks.
October is my favorite color.
I’ve been wearing jackets.
I love it.
I wrote a work blog about pumpkin spice latte overload.
Read it, it’s good.

We have officially checked in at every SDC festival this year.
Hello free Christmas ornament.
You are going to look fantastic on our tree.

Holy life, it’s only 10 weeks until the end of the year.
2013 has been good to me.
The holiday season is upon us.
Last night was Neowallah.
BTW, I’m disappointed in the last of costume pics FB peeps.
I’m ready for some holiday baking.
I just refilled the flour canister.
Bring it on.

My Christmas list is getting a lot of SDC gifts this year.
It’s only right.

It’s just another Sunday funday.
And we are at Nowata.
Adam has a butt ton of work to do.
They work him so hard.
Sometimes too hard.
He would never say that.
Does anybody besides me notice that?
Sometimes, it doesn’t seem so.

Our September trip to IKEA was a success.
Our new bedroom set up is ah-mazing.
Love it.

I’m thinking of doing the Turkey Trot again next year.
I’m a blob lately.
We had to give up our gym membership earlier this year.
It was time to renew.
They wanted hundreds of dollars.
We didn’t have it.
Hello blob wife.
We bought some bikes.
They are nice.
We should ride more.
When my trainer was pushing me at the gym I was a lot more motivated.
My bike simply taunts me from the backyard.
That’s a lot easier to ignore.

This month marks 2.5 years of marriage.
I love him more everyday.

Chicago Cheesesteak is fantastic.
It’s been downtown for a while now and I’d never tried it.
Do yourself a favor, have a cheesesteak.

I’m starting to think about selling our house again.
Adam successfully held me at bay for about two years now.
I’m breaking through.
And two years of equity later, my argument has more merit.
And I think he’s secretly ready to move too.

Adam’s listening to pregame football.
House rule=pregame is essential to set his fantasy lineup. Listening to the game is not needed, the app will tell you.
This year however, he’s been watching a lot of games.
I don’t know how that’s happening.
I love him?
Watching football only reaffirms my love of baseball.

I hope the Chiefs lose today.
That’s right, I said it.
Chiefs fans are much easier to deal with when the team sucks.
I can’t look at my FB feed on Sunday night’s lately.
It’s just too much.
And that’s coming from a Cards fan.
I’m not sorry.

Also, Mizzou lost yesterday.
As an MSU alumni, to that sir, I say ha.

We went to a corn maze last weekend.
Adam’s first ever.
Two hours later, we survived.
It wasn’t as fun as I remember as a kid and/or teen.
Maybe that’s a “wait until we have kids to go again” kind of event.

In case you are wondering, yes #babiesarestillfollowingme.

We got a kitten.
She’s 6 months now, 5 when we got her from the shelter.
Eddie for short.
She has a leaky bladder problem.
She goes in the box 9 out of 10 times.
The 10th time?
She pees on our bed.
Luckily, she hasn’t hit the mattress yet.
We have had the down comforter dry cleaned a few times now.
She’s getting pricey.
Why do we always get weird pets?

Sunday funday at Nowata rolls on.

It's a pug-kin spice latte. The best fall has to offer.

It’s a pug-kin spice latte. The best fall has to offer.



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  1. Adams Says:

    Love him? WTF?

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