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“…hello beauty, hello strange, hello wonder, what’s your name…” May 16, 2013

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I’m writing this blog at the request of Adam Letterman—who said he misses my random musings.

Today is one of the rare days in this job when I can take a second to breath.
I had a double section last week.
(And almost pulled my hair out.)
Meaning I have no section this week.
It’s been wonderful.
I’ve already written my article for next week’s section.
I wrote my article for another upcoming special section.
I’ve finished my CONVO for the section two weeks from now.
I can respond to emails with more than yes, no, or leave me alone.
I’m a planner.
This is a planning week.
I love it.

It’s press day, which means any minute I’ll be knee deeps in copy to edit.
But at this moment, I can breath.

It’s an event day and the office is buzzing.
There is always a special feeling in the air on an event day.
Everyone knows the monumental task ahead and the fun it will bring.
Plus, I love those mini egg rolls on the app bar.

Maybe I’m just buzzing.
I had a double-shot of espresso this morning.
One makes me twitch.
But, like I said, it’s event day.

I’m wearing a dress.
Magically, I avoided pantyhose/tights with a cute pair of leggings.
In accordance with my old editor’s recent column, they are not pants, simply a complement to my already cutie outfit.
It involves a belt.
I know, right—who am I?

The past two weeks have been a Letterman family—Adam and I—movie extravaganza.
Iron Man—hello RDJ abs.
The Great Gatsby—hello my classic literature love.
This weekend continues with the new Star Trek.
Yes, I’m that kind of nerd.
TNG will always be the best Star Trek—don’t argue, you know it’s true.
But there is something I love about the new reboot.
Even though it pretty much destroys the original timeline.

All of the sudden the office smells like McDonalds.
It’s lunch time somewhere.

Speaking of which, I’ve been eating lunch at home lately.
(read saving money)
And it’s great.
Yesterday, I watched an episode of 90210.
I made a Vine about it.
Check it out.
Which BTW, hello, Vine is my new favorite thing.
I’m about over Facebook.

FYI people, Facebook is not Pinterest.
If you want to share aka re-pin a million recipes, craft ideas and/or songs—get a Pinterest account.
1—Pinterest has a better selection.
2—you are crapping up my FB feed.
I probably just offended someone, but you know everyone else was thinking it too.

It took 15 minutes to get my coffee this morning.
I was lateish to work.
Stranded behind a group of blondes with complex smoothie orders.

I dislike the kettle bell.

I think it’s officially summer.
In my head.
Not on the calendar.
It’s been 75-80 degrees all week.
I’ve yet to wear pants.
That’s a sign.

SDC is on this weekend’s agenda.
We are LOVING the season passes.
Great purchase.
We get exercise and fun all at the same time.
No pressure.
No rush.
If I don’t see it this time, hey, I’ll be back in a month.
Once a month is our goal.
If we hit all 5 festivals, we get a free Christmas ornament.
You know I want that ornament.

I know Adam likes to read my blog to see what’s for dinner tonight.
Sorry honey, you’re on your own tonight.
I have mini egg rolls.

We bought tickets to he MSU alumni day with the STL Cardinals.
Believe it or not, this will be my first game at Busch.
I’ve seen the big birds a handful of times, but always at other venues.
(It’s cheaper.)
June 1 we hit the big time.
Plus we get a sweet MSU/STL shirt.
You know I want a free shirt.

Copy should be rolling in any minute now.

This pug knows the goodness of Star Trek. Also, that's horrifying.

This pug knows the goodness of Star Trek. Also, that’s horrifying.