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“…now I’m right here and I’m right now…” April 5, 2013

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So, it’s been a while.
I just looked—it’s been four months.
FOREVER in the lifetime of a blog.
Relatively, eh.

It’s a rare Friday when I have little to do.
The issue is out, printed and back.
I’ve made all my calls for next week.
Everything is edited or in some stage of editing.

Deep breath.
Sigh of relief.

I’m starting to work my way into this new place.
This new face.
Learn the way.
Learn the ropes.
As much as I learn, it seems each day I find a new way to make a mistake.
I’m a good journalist.
I have the MPA awards to prove it.
In the 6 months I’ve been in my new position, I’ve become more than I ever thought I could.
Thought I should.
Thought I needed to be.

I’m adjusting to the 8-5 life.
It’s almost killed me.
Then got better.
It still has its days.
Like today, when it’s B-E-A-U-tiful outside.
Today is the day I miss my old standard 2-hour Fridays.

Office field trip with Wes to buy fabric last week.
It took almost 2 hours, but it’s going to be a fantastic photoshoot backdrop.
Shoutout to Alisa for her sewing skills.
*fingers crossed*

Had a great lunch with the ladies of LEAP today.
It’s all about the networking.

I have old coffee on my desk.
I could really go for a strawberry Julius right now.
I think I’m addicted.
It could be worse.
I don’t know that.
I speculate based on the fact that it has fruit in it.
It’s probably loaded with sugar.
Sweet sugary calories.

Speaking of which, the Pwhip is open.
That’s the Pineapple Whip for all of you who don’t speak Adam.

Free tickets to see the hit Broadway musical The Addams Family at Juanita K. tonight.
SBJ is a sponsor.
Attended A Chorus Line at SGT last weekend.
SBJ is a sponsor.

Working downtown has it’s perks too.
Love the atmosphere.
Love the food.
And its not so perks.
Hate the parking garage.
Somedays I miss walking across the street to my car.
The third floor is so far away from my desk.
It’s good for me.
Somedays, I don’t care.
Who am I kidding, most days I don’t care.

Next weekend is the #SGF Cardinals home opener.
Adams got us bowl tickets.
Another reason I love him.
My Jersey is pressed and ready to go.
Hello spring.

We’re headed to the Lake of the Ozarks in a couple weeks for the MAMA awards.
They want to give my cutie husband an award?
I’m OK with that.
Hello outlet mall shopping.

Holy life.
Where has the time gone?
Best two years of my life so far.
Hands down.
No questions asked.
Love that man.

Spring time in the Ozarks is the best.
Adam is going to take me flower watching tomorrow.
What is that you ask?
I don’t know.
We just made it up.
I think it’s going to be a lot like autumn leaf looking.
It combines our love of road tripping with being together.
How could it be wrong?

Also headed to Ozpo tomorrow.
Some of you may know it as Showcase Ozark.
Nixa has Nixpo.
Ozark should have Ozpo.
Nobody would listen to me.
I will forever call it Ozpo.
Looking forward to seeing some of my old friends.
And, of course, loading up on all the free pens I can carry.

It’s Friday.
It’s spring.
I’m loved.
Happy life.

Spring pugs are happy pugs. #pugflower

Spring pugs are happy pugs. #pugflower