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“…hard times have helped me see…” December 12, 2012

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Yes, I know I have only blogged once in the last 2 months.
Being an editor is hard work.

New job is going well.
The first week here I cried at my desk every day.
EVERY day.
And most days when I went home too.
This week I created a kick ass graphic, got an atta girl and can feel my smile returning.
Seems everyone I talk with these days inquires about my new position—now I can say it’s going good and truly mean it.

I wear slacks everyday.
Or dresses if I wake up in time to wrestle with pantyhose.
I work 8 to 5.
I take a real honest to goodness lunch breaks.
I park in a parking garage.
This job is the doppleganger to my previous.
I’m not sure I like it yet, but I’m not sure I hate it either.
I have TWO four day weekends ahead.
I have holidays off—what is that crazy talk.

My new boss had lunch with my old boss yesterday.
Both sides informed me that they talked about me.
It was weird.

Hello Christmas!
I LOVE decorating our house for the holidays.
It’s so merry and cheerful and I can’t help but smile when I come home.
I’m sending out our Christmas cards today.
Festive stamps are in order.

Through some combination of my shopping habit, Black Friday and a need to be organized, all my Christmas shopping is done.
Not just done, wrapped and under the tree.
It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

The MWM crew is gaining a new member soon.
Congrats to KW5 on the annoucmet of his impending bundle of joy.
It was super hard not to tell anyone, but now that it’s “Facebook official” I’m telling everyone.
Basically just my  mom and I probably could have told her before.
Who is she going to tell really? The cat.
Last to get married, first to get pregnant.
The real question is, how far away from Des Moines will the baby be born?

Adam and I printed the SNL’s list of area Christmas light extravaganzas.
We’ve visited three so far this week.
This week brings a mini roadtrip to Rogersville for a inflatables display.
They have—wait for it—more than 300 inflatables!
And you can get out and walk through them, “for the full experience,” the article said.
Lace up your walking shoes and get the iPhone camera ready because—holy snap!

Office Christmas party this Friday.
The first of two.
Bowling, pizza and beer.
Hell to the yes.
Next Friday we’re off an hour early for wine and dirty Santa.
Two parties? Two types of alcohol? Bowling shoes? and Funny gifts?
How could this be bad?
Plus, Adam gets to come!
(I know he’s excited)

Took a momentary break to do final finals on my section.
Mark it 8 dude.
To the press-a-torium.

That means it’s lunch time for all SBJ features editors.
Namely, me.
Yes, I know it is past 2 p.m.
Yes, I am starving.




One Response to ““…hard times have helped me see…””

  1. Adams Says:

    Nothing about what is for dinner? I feel so out of the loop.

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