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“…waiting on the world to change…” October 17, 2012

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It’s raining.
Seems fitting today.

I’ve cleaned out my desk.
I’ve turned in all the paperwork.
This is my last Wednesday in the Headliner News office.
I have two stories to cover tomorrow and it’s done.
5+ years here.
Done in a matter of hours.

The staff—my friends—had a going away party for me today.
I think they expected a speech.
I couldn’t.
I’m going to tear up just thinking about it.
As per usual, the potluck was good.
There was cake.
(it was not a lie)
And they made me a sweet signed frame.
I will miss you too guys.

For the first time since I took the SBJ job I am actually a bit excited about it.
I knew it was a good job.
Just the thought of leaving here was hard.
It tainted the mood.
But now, everyone is at peace.
I feel good.

Pottery date tonight with the girls.
I think I’m going to make a pencil holder for my new desk.
I think it’s going to involve chevrons.

Wish I didn’t have to cover one last EDU story this week.
I feel done.
I’m ready to be done.
The news never sleeps and the press rolls on.
I cover the story.

Got the new mattress delivered last night.
SO comfortable.
You don’t realize how bad the old one is until you feel the new squish.
Sidenote: Delivery guy picked up the old box spring and what was under there?
Annie—in her puppy phase—had shredded an ENTIRE Rolling Stone magazine under the bed.
It was super embarrassing.
I told the delivery guy sorry.
He said he’s seen much worse.
I quick swept it up while they were bringing the new one in.

Speaking of Annie.
We all know her pension for digging under to the neighbors yard.
She did Monday and got stuck.
Neighbor wasn’t home to bring her back.
Adam found her whining at the hole, too small to fit back though the other way.
When I got off work and called, things had deteriorated.
He had dug the hole bigger and was trying to lure her with her squeaky pig.
She on the other hand was beagle barking at the neighbors dogs in the house.
Who were also barking.
Surrounding neighbors were yelling to shut the hell up.
Adam sounded like he could cry on the phone.
I hurried home.
Went to the new hole, called her and she came right under.
Not before she stopped to doodle in the neighbors yard.
Thanks Annie.

You know, not new job big news, but BIG NEWS.
Six channels for DVR goodness.
I’m pretty excited.

Attending my first SBJ event on Friday.
Bit nervous.
But, it’s gonna be good.

I cried the whole time I wrote my final column.
For those of you without an online subscription—aka Barb—I’ll post it in a separate blog after this one.

I didn’t work out at all this week.
I’ve just been so busy with everything.
Couple that with the cake I had for lunch and it’s not going to be good tomorrow.

BIG thunder just now.
We have the door open.
It smells like fall.
And rain.
Or frain.

Can I get a binder full of men over here?

I want to get back into trivia night mode.

Sorry Adam. I don’t know what’s for dinner.
I know you love reading the blog to find out.
Made homemade beef stroganoff last night.
With a freshly baked french baguette.
And homemade apple strudel.

I’m in limbo.

I’m excited for the holidays this year.
I wish we could host Thanksgiving at our place.
It’s too small.
Unless people aren’t opposed to turkey and a nice seat on the living room floor.
We have carpet…?

The holidays are a magical time of year.
This year will be new and great and grand.
I wonder if SBJ does white elephant?

I need to remember to sign up for the turkey trot.

Pets and Pumpkins is Saturday.
I have no pet costumes.
I am a horrible mother.

This puggy is thrilled to have such a great mama.


2 Responses to ““…waiting on the world to change…””

  1. Adams Says:

    I sense a Hungry Man dinner in my future. You run off for date-night with the girls, and I have to fight the puppy for some canned corn. Hashtag ISeeHowItIs

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