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“…free to roam, make a home…” September 5, 2012

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Just got back from lunch.
The Ozark PCP has this roast beef sandwich on a croissant that I LOVE.
It may be the best sandwich I have ever had.
Couple that with the salad bar and lunch is born.

Interviewed a baker today.
A cupcake baker.
Had the best German chocolate cupcake ever.

We had a successful IKEA roadtrip.
Millie was loaded down with goodness.
Adam’s been in assembly mode the last two days.
So far we have an Expedite desk and Stall in place.
Three Omar’s and a Kroby to go.
Thanks crazy Swedish names.

I love roadtrips.

Had some convo with KW5 this week.
Painted some pottery with Cherylado last week.
Married to Adam.
The Midweek Madness crew is still there, just really spread out.
It’s crazy how quickly life can change.
Four single friends morphed into married couple with families.
Miss those Wednesdays sometimes.

Speaking of pottery.
Firehouse pottery maybe my new favorite place.
So much pottery.
So little time.

The current weather is deceptive.
Look out the window, it’s gray and cloudy.
It looks like fall.
Step outside and it’s a million degrees.
The humidity says its still summer.
I hate summer.
I want to wear cardigans again.

Had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season.
Another fall indicator.

Annabelle spent the roadtrip weekend with her grandparents.
I think my dad’s in love with her.
He’s wanted a beagle for a while now.
Reminds him of being a kid.
On the flip side, Annie loves him too.
He takes her on hikes and runs through the woods.
All the scents a beagle nose ever wanted to sniff.
I’m excited to pick her up.
She excited to see me.
But she’s not excited to leave.
How can a fenced backyard compare with unabandoned Mother Nature.
It can’t.
And I can see it in her eyes when I leave in the morning.
“Why are you leaving me locked in the house mom? Gampy takes me for walks all day.”
I know Annabelle, I know.
I wonder if the city is the right place for a beagle.
I love her to death, but is that enough?
It makes me sad to think about her being sad.
It makes me ever sadder to think of the house without her.

I got my hair cut yesterday.
I work in an office FULL of women.
Women notice things.
Only one person has noticed so far.
And she sits directly across from me.
I’m not sure that counts.

I had the freak out of freak outs yesterday.
Had to use a different, shorter locker at the gym.
(My regular section was too full of naked old lady boobs.)
I hung my wedding ring on the hook because there was no shelf.
About an hour after I got home I realized it was still on the hook.
I almost threw up.
I rushed back across town—in 5 p.m. traffic—to find it still hanging on the hook.
I almost cried when I saw it.
Never using short lockers again.
Naked old lady  boobs be damned.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy.
MPA convention.
MSTA dinner.
BIZ digest to write.
I can feel the stress already.

A fellow journalist announced she is leaving the field today.
I was sad to see her go, but understand completely.
It’s had to want to stay when we get paid beans.
She’s following the path I have seen so many others take.
The path the rest of us contemplate regularly.
It’s a hard first step to make.

I’m excited about organizing the office this weekend.
Adam is already dreading it.
The desk is unusable at the point.
It’s one part art project, one part Pinterest, one part random stuff and no parts desk.
Having a workspace back will be nice.

I’m going to paint the kitchen cabinets.
I found a color scheme based on corn on the cob on Pinterest.
I know what you’re thinking—isn’t their living room painted “buttered corn” already?
Yes it is.
This scheme, however, is corn on the cob.
The tan/beige wall (which I did NOT paint) and the white molding/windows will stay.
I’m painting the cabinets a light green—as in husk—and changing out the hardware.
Couple that with a new faucet, the IKEA Omar’s and a cheap kitchen makeover is born.

I feel like big things are in my future.

Working on Labor Day sucked.
Plus side? Finished the paper early.

For the record: Michelle Obama rocked her DNC speech last night.

Pug mama for Obama.


3 Responses to ““…free to roam, make a home…””

  1. Adams Says:

    I can’t believe I have to add a “Pottery” line to our budget.

  2. Kaylynn Casper Says:

    I laughed so hard at the old lady boobs! I have a VERY hard time in the gym for that specific reason. SOOOO happy that your ring was there when you went back! OHMYGOODNESS do I know that pukey I forgot my ring feeling!
    FTR, I read these every time and it makes me miss you because I can hear your voice reading and see all of your hilarious expressions! Love reading these Em!

  3. emletterman Says:

    Kaylynn—we should get together next time you are in town. I love reading your posts about your kids—the are just so cute and happy all the time. :)

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