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“…guess I’ll circle while I’m waiting…” August 22, 2012

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I’m busy these days.

Except for right now.
When I’m waiting on people to call me back.
When I would rather be doing one of the other million things on my to-do list.

It feels like fall today.
Not so much in temperature, but in attitude.
Lunch meeting with school peeps.
Friday nigh lights are starting.
I have a cardigan on.
I’m ready for fall.
Pumpkin spice lattes are calling to me.

Adam volunteered to cook tonight.
He found some recipe for japanese mushroom soup—similar to Nakotos.
He’s very excited.
It’s basically broth, so I said OK.
(Thanks honey)

The NIE requests are rolling in.
We went digital this year, which should cut down on my manhandling of newspapers each week.
However, at least one teacher per school still requested print copies, so the driving continues.
Which I’m OK with.
It’s a nice little break from the chaos of the day.
Time to sip my latte and just be.

Annie has dug about a billion holes in the backyard.
This is no gouda.
And I’m not quite sure how to make it stop.
We never had this problem with Danny.
Mostly because he lays on the couch like a lump.
If he dug a hole, he might get his shirt dirty.
Parish the thought.

Todd Akin is an idiot.

Just read a 417 article detailing the areas fall festivals.
Good stuff, but they left out my favorite.
Pets & Pumpkins.
We have double the furbaby dressing up potential this year.
Annie’s not big on clothes.
Mostly because she looks funny.
Then we laugh at her.
But I think she’ll make an exception for Halloween.
I better start checking Pinterest now.

I resisted the urge to click the NSFW photos of Prince Harry.
I really wanted to.
I figured they say NSFW for a reason.
However, the suspense is killing me.

I’ve been thinking about my life a lot recently.
I’ve come to the conclusion: I’m a lucky girl.

I wish I had a Dr. Pepper right now.
I don’t need one.
I want one.
Instead I have the dregs of this mornings Starbucks.
Ice melted, coffee is light brown.
No thanks.

Bought some strawberries Sunday.
They may be the juiciest strawberries I have every had ever.

I just answered the office phone.
The man’s name was Dozer.
No joke.

I’m really tied of getting spam email.

After writing about it, I’m more ready for fall then ever.

I need to start reading the next book club book.
I’m probably already behind.
I enjoy reading.
I’m not sure if I like reading on a time table.
It’s like school, but the lesson you get at the end is other people opinions.

Speaking of opinions.
I love writing my tri-weekly column.
If I could write opinion all the time I would.
I approach it much like this blog.
But with more whit.
And longer sentences.

If someone wanted to send me a slice of cheesecake right now, I would be OK with that.

My friend is traveling the Vegas next week.
Last time someone we know went to Vegas, they brought back handfuls of flyers for strippers.
I hope that’s not the case this time.
(When said friend reads this, I know she is going to LOL)

I need some fall-colored Post-it notes.

Chuck has second-belly.
Adam says according to the diagram at the doctor’s office, she is overweight.
But not obese.
At least there is some savinggrace.
She already eats “indoor” cat food.
Can we enroll her in cat zumba?
Is that a thing?
It should be.

I need a pic of Annie for my desk.

The office is super quite.
Just keyboards.
All keyboards all the time.

I’m looking forward to our Columbia trip in September.
I’m going to eat about a dozen White Castles.
Maybe all at once.
We’ll see how things play out.

Today I miss Kyle.
“Want to take a lap around the square?”
Yes, yes I do.

I now have a Scentsy.
Thanks to the Greer’s for the lovely birthday present.
I need some fall scents.

I can’t get enough Grimm right now.

I just scanned a 60 year wedding anniversary.
I hope that’s me someday.

The number of “pug+Starbucks” images Google has is quite impressive.


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