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“…I’m not running, I’m not scared, I’m waiting and well prepared…” July 18, 2012

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In true summer fashion, I have been too busy to blog.
Just checked and it’s been since the end of May.
Too busy or just forgot?
Maybe a bit of both.

Busy, busy, busy here in the office.
It’s election season.
And despite candidate requests, no I can not just email you some questions.
I want your answers right now over the phone.
Not some pre-approved dribble your campaign manager types up for me.
Top that off with our associate editor gone for the next two weeks.
I’m a very busy lady.
The stress hasn’t hit yet, but come Monday it will be in overload.
Oddly though, I feel good about it.
Lots of stress means hard work and a good feeling of accomplishment.
I like that.

There is a bag of cherries on my desk.
Lunch leftovers.
I’m afraid to eat them.
I’m wearing a white shirt.
They are extra juicy.
My Tide pen died last week.

Annabelle is starting to fit into the family nicely.
She is learning not to pee in the middle of the kitchen.
By that I mean, she does if only twice a day now instead of 10 times.
We are working on it.
More walks is the key.
Pee pads are dumb.
For a dog hyped to have such a great sense of smell, she can take or leave pee pads.
Mostly opting for the middle of the kitchen floor.

Chewing up EVERYTHING and leaving tiny bits of paper ALL AROUND the house is a different matter entirely.

The joys of puppy.

Our yard looks sad.
Sad and yellow and crunchy.

We’re headed to the Marquee Suites Saturday for The Dark Knight Rises.
Did you know its almost 3 hours long?
Hence the reserved recliner seats.

Baked peanut butter chocolate chip cookies last night.
Sent the majority to work with Adam.
I wish I had one right now.
I love to bake.
We don’t need three dozen cookies in the house.

We got our MPA results this week.
I’m suppose to say, “It was a good year for the paper.”
As my FB friends already know: I took home three firsts and three seconds.
You better believe I’m pretty damn excited about it.
Second in “column writing—serious” is my fav.
Best news or feature story is good, but those are somebody else’s words.
I’m just the messenger.
Best column writing means something to me.
Those are my words, my thoughts, my opinions.
I think that speaks volumes.

Had a peach for lunch.
Ate the fuzzy peach skin.
I think my mouth feels weird now.

Lunched with Barb last week.
She always cracks me up.
We need to set a standard monthly lunch date.

Headed to a trivia night with some new friends Sunday.
Damn I love trivia.
We are gonna rock this.

I have my typewriter-key bracelet on today.
Love the way it looks.
The key backs dig into my arm when I type.
Sad face.

Just two more election candidates to call me back and I’m done.
I may do a happy dance.

I’ve been thinking about the future a lot lately.
I am so happy.
I don’t want anything to change, to lose this moment.
At the same time, I want everything to change.
(sans my wonderful husband)
I know I am capable of so much more.
So much more I can give, do, earn and work towards.
I used to feel like if I just stayed the course and paid my dues, good things would happen.
I see others around me go forward and prosper.
I am still here paying my dues.
As a friend tweeted to me, “Many times, fortune favors the bold.”
He was bold in his choices and I can be bold too.
Now I just have to work up the courage to do so.

It’s still hot.
100+  for the rest of the week.
I’m done with hot.

Dish Network is fighting with AMC.
We no longer have AMC.
I don’t know who’s right, nor do I care.
I do know that if we don’t have AMC back by October when The Walking Dead comes on, Dish will have one less customer.

I got “pay it forwarded” at Starbucks again this morning.
Second time in two weeks.
I have mixed emotions about it.
On the one hand, it’s a nice gesture.
On the other hand, my coffee was $4.35 and the guy behind me was $5.11.
I forked over the extra money today.
I guess it’s suppose to even out next time.
Twice now I’ve been on the losing end of this deal.
I feel bad saying no.
However, I would just like to pay for my own goods.
I’m not asking anybody to pay for mine and I don’t want to pay for theirs.

Pugs like Starbucks too.


2 Responses to ““…I’m not running, I’m not scared, I’m waiting and well prepared…””

  1. Adams Says:

    I said no when they paid it forward at McDonald’s. I got a stink eye for my troubles.

  2. Audrey Greer Says:

    I love your blogs, I may not comment often, but I enjoy your entries!

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