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“…one of these days, I’ll be born and raised…” May 31, 2012

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What a crazy day in the office.
Editor sent me out to cover a meth lab rigged to explode.
See crazy.
Between the live tweeting, Facebook updating, interviewing, photo emailing and calling my editor to relay story information back—I have a headache.
May have also inhaled some meth fumes.
Job hazard.
I should go home for the rest of the day with pay.

Also, got school bus inspection results this morning.
One school failed.
I’m sure when I report it, it will somehow become my fault.
Looking forward to to that.

The IKEA trip was a HUGE success.
IKEA is my new retail best friend.
Got so much goodness for so little dough.

Annie comes home tomorrow.
I feel like and an expectant mother.
I’m nervous she will bring chaos to the family.
But I’m also excited to have her.

Long week so far.
Lots of work.
Spent the evenings loading up the new bookshelves.
Very much looking forward to our do-nothing weekend.
May take Annie to the park.
That will be the extent of my weekend.

Didn’t eat lunch today.
Out covering a bomb scare and all.
Starving now.
Might have Adam grill brats for dinner.

I think I need to drink more water.

Had my yearly review this week.
Can’t believe I’ve been here 5 years already.
Seems like I just left college.

Adam has finally crossed over to the dark side.
The dark coffee side that is.
He is becoming a regular non-fruity coffee drinker.
Girl-drink drunk—fine.
Fruity coffee drinker—man up.

Thought it would help to take my mind off it and blog.
It’s not.
Just resulting in a poorly written blog.

Got John’s new album.
Love it.
Not the best he has ever written, or played, but its really good.
Just a different good than he used to be.
Rocked out to it a work most of last week.
Finished my articles early.

Some days I wished I worked at a daily.
Get assigned a story, interview a story, write a story, go home.
Today I felt like a daily reporter at the bomb scene.
I liked it.
The adrenaline rush is amazing.
I also like setting my own hours and getting to know people through a community newspaper.
If I could work at a community paper with the heart of a daily, I would be in heaven.
And I don’t mean the web.
More people read Facebook.

I got interview hijacked today.
What an ass.

It was hot this week.
I’m ready for fall already.

I’m out of pop-up Post-It notes.

Watched part one of the Hatfield & McCoys last night.
Thanks DVR.
Part two tonight.
Damn good mini-series so far.
Not sure if I’m team Hatfield or McCoy yet.
As a Tweep put it, “I’m team Hot Blonde Guy.”

I think I’m done.
Headache still here.

I Googled “summer pug.” This popped up. I laughed. A lot.


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  1. monkeysandfish Says:

    I was thinking Mongolian beef…

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