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“…I don’t remember you looking any better…” May 24, 2012

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Hello Wednesday.
Hello summer.

It’s that time of year when school’s out and my EDU section is transformed into “youth.”
AKA the boring time of year.

Covered a drive-by yesterday.
That was good.
You know, as good as a drive-by can be.
(There were no injuries.)

Had a yard sale last weekend.
However, it seems I have been preparing for it for months.
You never really know how much crap you have until you have a yard sale.
Do I need this?
Do I use this?
What the hell is this?
Sell it.
Suddenly, it’s like the whole house has a price tag on it.

Using the earned cash to buy some bookshelves this weekend.
Did you know Billy the bookcase is only $49 at Ikea?
Did you know it cost $349 to ship Billy?
Or that the closest Ikea is in Dallas?
Yeah, neither did we.
It’s gonna be legen—wait for it—dary!
At the very least we will be getting some bookshelves.

There is an In and Out Burger in Dallas.
I’ve never had it.
I want to.
I’ve been told to order things “animal style.”
That sounds unsanitary.

Today is a big day in the office.
I got a new desk chair.
Cray, cray right?
Adam says all I have to do it ask.
Billie says Dave will buy one for you no problem.
As a person who has had the same hand-me-down desk chair for almost all of the 5 years I’ve worked here—I say wrong.
That’s not how things roll in Ozark.

There was a 5 cent/gallon gas coupon in the paper this week.
I took five.
Perks of working a the newspaper.
That and people bring you desserts.
People also yell at you a lot.
It’s really give and take.

Wearing a skirt today.
It’s hot outside.
If there had been anybody in the back alley behind the office this morning I would have flashed them.
Not on purpose.
Damn wind.

BLT’s for dinner.
LOVE me some BLT’s.
Bacon is only 1 point a slice.
That is mind blowing.

Paused the blog for a second.
Just interviewed three different county clerks in a row.
This is going to be in interesting article.
Waiting on one more call back to wrap it up.

Summer is hot.
I don’t like hot.

(No we are not having a baby.)
We are getting a puppy!
I know!
A beagle pup.
We already named her Annabelle.
Annie for short.
Danny is super excited about it.
Chuck is indifferent.
She comes home next weekend.
Then #beaglepuppieswillbefollowingme.

Just got a call from a sister paper in Oklahoma to ask about advertising in Missouri.
Why would she call CCH for that?

I’ve very excited about our impending roadtrip.
We love a good roadtrip.

Speak of which, sometime soon we are headed to the Squeeze Inn  in Stockton.
They have a burger with a “cheese skirt.”
Sounds both amazing and weird at the same time.
Watch for photos via FB.

The Glee season finale sucked.
So did Grey’s.
I called Phillip Phillips in auditions.

Adam says I’m not allowed to watch Pregnant in Heels.
I told him I already gave up David Tutera, this was the natural progression.
It still scares me.

Busy, busy week.

Bookshelves are going to be super cute.
Also, look for pics via FB.

I maybe a FB whore.
How did that happen?

Twitter is better.

It’s time for the a/c at home.
Goodbye window breeze.
Hello a/c hum.
Chuck will be sad to lose her window perches.

Gad tab was a huge success.
I pretty much rocked it.
Shout out to Meb.

Danny+Annie=a deconstructed puggle
Adam is very excited about this.
I feel some park time coming on.

A scene from our future backyard.


2 Responses to ““…I don’t remember you looking any better…””

  1. Adams Says:

    Why can’t I work in an alley in Ozark?

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