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“…a trail of ruby red and diamond white…” April 25, 2012

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It’s been a while since we’ve talked Mr. Blog.
Excuse the absence, I’ve been incredibly busy.

Just loaded the final NIE of the year into Millie.
Happy day for me.
Sad day for my mileage check.

The office is bustling today.
Everyone is in and working the phones.
Makes for a lot of newsroom chatter.

Adam and I are smack in the middle of project “Reorganize, Fix-up and Generally Make Better the Letterman House.”
Or RFGMBLH if you prefer.
Our yard sale is slated for May 18 and 19.
The pile of junk grows by the minute.
Why I say junk, I really mean quality goods for you to purchase.
They are junk to me simply because I have no use for them anymore.
One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Sick of eating ramen from the mega pack in my desk drawer, I ventured out for lunch today.
It was a sad roadtrip.
Ozark SEVERELY lacks any sort of food with nutritional value.
I ended up at Walmart—not because I wanted to though, just because the Price Cutter is 10 minutes away and I didn’t want to be gone from work that long.
Walmart sucks.
Even things you think could be good for you, you know like salad, aren’t.
Sure plain lettuce is, but who the hell eats plain lettuce.
I want a Caesar salad, or a nice cobb salad with a bunch of junk on it.
In that context a bunch of junk=fat and calories.
Even Subway—the worldwide leader in eating fresh—is shit.
I can eat a McDonalds happy meal for less WW points that a footlong sub.
That bread it horrid for you.
And heaven forbid you add any sort of condiments
That would be asking too much.
Ozark needs a Jimmy Johns desperately.
They had fast, fresh, healthy food at a reasonable price.
I should open a franchise on the square.
Think about that Adam.

Today is the kind of day I wish I worked in Springfield.

I ended up eating a tub of fresh strawberries.

Adams and I traveled to Hot Springs at the start of the month.
We celebrated one year of marital bliss with German food and nightly walks around the city shops.
Loved it.
Love him.

It’s 85 degrees out today.
Time for the Lettermans to bust out the grill.

SO…..we are getting a puppy.
A little sister for Danny and Chuck.
Adam works with a guy who just had a litter of beagle puppies.
I will take name suggestions stating…..NOW.
No Adam, we can not name her Steve.

I’m ready today go home.
Feels like a long day in the office.

I’m ahead of the curve.
It’s true.
Check my tweets.

I’m thinking of painting our bedroom.

Adam and I traveled to Columbia for the MAMA awards last Thursday.
Good times.
I did some shopping.
Adam won some awards.
Proud of that guy.

Got stuck on freeway traffic today.
So much so I had to backtrack and take an alternate route.
Made for a long morning.

I accidentally published this blog before I completed it.
I’m not sure how.
Hit enter?
Adams just texted me to ask why?
How the hell does he know?
Randomly checking my  blog all the time for posts?
Turns out you can subscribe via email.

I realize the irony of having a pug and a beagle when I think puggles are an abomination.

Is it happy hour?
I could use a limeade.

I think I’ll go for a walk this evening.

This picture makes me happy.


One Response to ““…a trail of ruby red and diamond white…””

  1. Adams Says:

    When we take Danny and [Insert Beagle Name Here] for walks, we can tell people that they are a Deconstructed Puggle.

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