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“…and that’s the way this wheel keeps working now…” March 8, 2012

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Hello Thursday blog.
You are a day late.

It’s sleeting outside.
It was 70+ degrees yesterday.

It’s been a weird day in the office.
Started the day with an abbreviated NIE run because a basketball team is going to state.
It’s all weird.
It’s also election season.
Candidate calls are in order.
Called five yesterday, got five responses.
Called seven today, got one response.

I just drank a bottle and half of water.

New Year’s Eve resolution is still on track.
Pretty proud of that.
Goal in sight.

Staying late tonight for a meeting.
Double ugh.

My neck hurts today.
Must have slept funny last night.
I could use a neck message.
(hint hint Adam Letterman)

We painted the living room.
It was hard.
No pain, no gain
It looks beautiful.

The rain/sleet combo makes for a long, dreary day.

Garage sale prep is underway.
By underway, I mean mom and I discussed a date.
That totally counts.
What’s the going rate on a pair of used jeans?

Chuck weights 10.8 pounds.
According to our bathroom scale.
That seems large for a cat.
She already eats “indoor” cat food.

One month and one day until our one-year anniversary.
We decided on a trip to Hot Springs.
Five days and four nights.
Reservations have been made at the Arlington on historic bath house row.
April can’t come soon enough.

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day.
A holiday devoted to my favorite color.
I have so much green clothing its hard to decided each year.

We are on track for new house shopping soon.
That is assuming we can sell the current one.
Which worries me.
However, new house shopping is fun.
So, I’m going with the positive right now.

I feel distracted writing this blog today.
I usually love blogging.
Not sure why that is.

Chuck’s boyfriend was under the house again today.
Hence, she spent the morning starring at the vents.

The weeks are too long and the weekend too short these days.

My Starbucks barista is prego.
And no barista is not the “snob” word for a person who makes “fancy coffee.”
That is the only word for people who make coffee for a living.
Just because you didn’t know that does not make me a snob.

That was bitchy.
Not sure I care.

That fact that #babiesarefollowingme bothers me a lot less these days than it used to.
I’m sure that is some sort of cosmic sign.
I am choosing to ignore it for now.

Sidebar: I told Adam to start working on twins.
Once and done.

Adam’s coordinating dinner tonight because of my late meeting.
I’ve been informed he’s not cooking.
My choices were Chipotle or Long John Silvers.

My work rut is starting to get the best of me.

We ventured to Burell Park this weekend to feed the ducks.
It’s about 4 blocks from my old apartment.
Dan and I used to walk there all the time.
He was a puppy and the aggressive geese scared him.
It’s very hard to hold a pug puppy, a bag of bread and fend off aggressive ducks.
This time I was sans Dan and plus Adam.
Much easier.

We read an article somewhere—it was either the NYT or WSJ—on French parenting.
The comparison to American parenting is crazy.
An American lady, living in Paris, wrote a book—apparently its gone viral.
Adam wants to buy it.
He’s afraid it will induce baby fever.
We will wait.
But I still think it’s a good idea.

There have been far to many reference to babies in the blog.
No we are not thinking of having a baby anytime soon.

Amelia is sick.
I have the germ-x on standby mode and I Clorox wiped my whole desk.
I hate being sick.

I’m ready to go home.
My meeting doesn’t even start for another two hours.

My mom got a postcard about jury duty.
She is super excited.
I’m a bit jealous.
And a dork.

It’s time for a Dr. Pepper.

You know this is gonna happen. I am not talking about babies.


2 Responses to ““…and that’s the way this wheel keeps working now…””

  1. Adams Says:

    You could also have Subway tonight.

    • emletterman Says:

      Subway is a horrible place. Not only do they have the worst subs of any sub shop, but they want you to think they are better for you when they aren’t. #justsayin

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