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“…hits her like a sunrise…” February 1, 2012

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Made seven calls this morning to sources.
Waiting for seven people to call me back.
Half of being a reporter is playing the waiting game.

Exciting morning on Twitter.
My TweetDeck was off the hook with #DGB news.
I’m not gonna lie—Mizzou was a bit disappointing.
All that hype to stay in state?

Speaking of state universities.
Adam and I just had a high-larry-us convo about college sports chants.
ME: What does Rock Chalk Jayhawk even stand for?
ADAM: We are surrounded by idiots.
ME: Why?
ADAM: Rock Chalk Jayhawk? What is that Kansas? Woo Pig Sooie in Arkansas. Boomer Sooner in Oklahoma. And Iowa, well they are Iowa. They have enough to worry about.
ME: hahahahahaha
I say: Go Bears.

Doing good on my goal.
Made progress last night and just steps away from completing my first mini-goal.
Very excited.

An old man came in the office with anonymous birthday cards he received two years in a row.
The first one read: “You can leave your boots under my bed anytime. Guess who?”
Hello feature story that just walked in the door.
Sweet almost 80-year-old man, married 50+ years, widowed, turned dirty real fast.
First thought that popped into his head upon receiving the cards?
An erection.
No joke.
Wrong head.
We did not write that down.

Crime stats are sort of depressing to compile.
I hate the theft the most.
I work hard.
People who steal take that all away in an instant.

It’s 60+ degrees outside.
It’s been that way for three days.
What happened to winter?
And people say global warming isn’t real.

I’m attempting a new Pinterest recipe.
Apple pie baked in apples.
Looks delicious.
Even better?
It’s good for you because it is low in sugar and there is barely any crust.
All apple all the time.

I wish I were at home right now with the hubs.
Maybe even watching Ax Men.

Mint chapstick and mint gum at the same time is a lot of mint.
It’s arctic in my mouth right now.

Soup for lunch was good.
I wish it had been a Taylor’s burger.

Super sweet husband that he is, Adams has cute first-Valentine’s Day-as-married-couple plans.
We are headed to the 8th annual Eureka Springs Chocolate Festival.
A room with all you can eat chocolate samples done by master pastry chefs.
Also, hello romance factor.
The city we got married in+lunch at our restaurant.
He’s a keeper.

We put Chuck on indoor aka diet food.
She is still a lump.
I think it’s just in her nature.
I understand.

Super Bowl this weekend.
Food, relaxing, alcohol, sweet commercial……and some football.

Almost verbally maimed a guy on Twitter today.
I don’t even know him—he found me though a hashtag meme.
Then he proceeded to criticize my tweets about college sports fans.
Seriously guy?
You have nothing better to do then troll Twitter and ridicule other people.
I responded.
Then I got mad.
Then I took the high road.
Then I hit reverse, backed down the high road, responded and drove back up.
He responded again, but I pretended like I didn’t even read it.

Pork chops for dinner.
Speak of which.
I made a rosemary crusted tri-tip roast Sunday.
I thought Adam was going to marry it and run away he liked it so much.
He took leftovers for lunch Monday AND Tuesday.
Added that one to the rotation.

It’s only 2 p.m.
I have a busy week the rest of the week.
I may go home early.
Sounds good.
I think I just talked myself into it.

Two couples I know announced their divorces in the past week.
It’s heavy on my heart.

Adam has baby fever.

Had a double shot this morning.
Co-workers said I was talking so fast when I left a voice mail they couldn’t understand me.
“She’s always buzzing just like neon, neon.”

Burt Hummel is maybe the cutest TV dad ever.
Also #justsayin

I get to attend the MPA and AP Day at the Capitol next Thursday.
I’m rather excited about it.
I need to find a super cute outfit.
By that I mean outfit that says: Hello Senator, yes I am a reporter, yes I look super cute, now answer my question.

Will you be my puggy Valentine? Yes.


One Response to ““…hits her like a sunrise…””

  1. Adams Says:

    Not gonna lie, you almost got left that tri-tip was so good. #justsayin

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