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“…I’m in the war of my life, at the door of my life…” January 19, 2012

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It’s Thursday and I’m back.
While I could technically blog yesterday, I choose not to and stand united with my fellow bloggers against SOPA and PIPA.
Power to the people.

It’s just past 5:30 and I’m still at my desk.
Covering a board meeting tonight.
I need more caffeine.

I spent that last few moments surfing social media.
This county is so polarized it seems we will never be whole again.
If you follow my twitter feed, you know I too like to poke fun at the other side.
The real crime is that there is an other side to begin with.
You hear people say, “When did we stop being the United States and become the divided states.”
These same people then post status updates about how much the other party sucks.
Some days, it just gets to me.

Say Adam and I have a baby someday.
What kind of world are we bringing that baby up in?

Clearly, I shouldn’t be left alone in the newsroom.
Too much unfiltered time.

Also, when did God become the No. 1 thing to talk about on FB?
You like God.
That’s great.
I already knew that from your last 12 posts.
God is the new Facebook baby.

Had some ramen for lunch.
Good at the time.
Always reminds me of being a kid.
Not very filling.

I waivered on my goal this week.
I thought I was on track.
I thought I was doing good.
Turns out I was wrong.
After some lamenting—and chocolate—I’m back on the horse.

Just finished an article about a Rube Goldberg machine.
It was neat.

I hope this meeting tonight is short.
They all hate me anyway, why am I even going?

The first rule of journalism is always tell the truth.
Print the truth and only the truth and you have nothing to worry about.
Well the truth has yet to set me free.

I had to take my watch off to type today.
It was making red marks on my arm.

Adams is making dinner tonight.
That means we are having red beans and rice with sausage.
Since he only cooks once a month—on board meeting night—I haven’t grown tired of it yet.
We have been married 9 months now.
I guess that’s a good sign.
(I’ve got to teach him how to cook more dishes.)

I cleaned, organized and rearranged my desk this week.
Couple that with the total office revamp and I don’t even recognize the place.

This Dr. Pepper tastes amazing.

Washed Millie today.
My hands were getting all full of salt opening and closing the trunk on the NIE run.
That and she looked scuzzy.
I can’t drive scuz.

Idol started last night.
I’m not that excited about it this year.
If Adam were any less excited his face might actually freeze that way.

I think a city cat is trying to live under our house.
I keep hearing meow sounds and Chuck has taken to starring at the air vents.
I feel a bit bad for him.
He must have found a hole somewhere and crawled under.
If I feed him, Adam might disown me.
I might do it anyway.
Chuck can share, she is a loaf anyway.

No, I’m still not ready to have a baby.
Thanks for asking.
(Though Donna says if we did we could qualify for free home weatherization—so maybe.)
Overheard in the CCH newsroom: New weather stripping is not a good reason to have a baby.

I have a lot of articles this week.
People need to get with the program.
How can everybody I want to talk to be out today?

Others are moving up.
Still here.

Meeting in T-minus 1 hour.
Long day continues.

This made me laugh. I needed that.


One Response to ““…I’m in the war of my life, at the door of my life…””

  1. Adams Says:

    No, I went to Harter House, and found my favorite Jambalya Rice. Also, we have Jimmy Johns bread with butter. Don’t act like you’re not ecstatic.

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