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“…no it won’t all go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good…” January 12, 2012

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Thursday blog.
It snowed about an inch last night.
Of course people freaked out.
I can’t say I was any better.
I gave myself a full hour to drive to work—rather than a 1/2.
Kicker: I made coffee at home because I was afraid the Starbucks drive thru would be slick.
I hang my head in shame.

Big-ish meeting this morning—hence the not wanting to be late.
Our first as a new unified south.
(aka our three publications in the south section of the company)
Brings whole new meaning to the phrase “the south with rise again.”
Change is in store.
I think it’s gonna be good.

Speak of change, step two toward my goal  completed last night.
I know that’s cryptic.
However, I was VERY excited.
All will be revealed in time.

My toes are still cold from delivering NIE today.
I almost died in a snow drift at the Nixa Junior High School.

It’s not my turn to answer the phone.
But I will.

Pork chops for dinner?
I think so.

A friend told me today there was a waiting list for Pinterest.
One—that’s crazy that so many people want to do it.
Two—why would Pinterest not let people on?!
I mean the more people on their site, the more it benefits them.

Crazy people on the phone again.

My dishwasher melted my favorite Starbucks coffee mug.
I have no idea how.
I have washed it tons of times on the bottom rack.
It was also right next to a mug of similar design that didn’t melt.
My heart melted a bit when I saw it.
I will accept donations to replace old Blackie if you feel so inclined.
(you don’t have to)
(but seriously, if you want to, those mugs are like $20)

I have an interview today at 4 p.m.
SO late in the day.

Plans are in the works for a game night with good friends on Saturday.
There is talk of a Pinterest inspired appetizer extravaganza.
I know—how can this not be good?!?

Read an article about a woman who called the police to report her dealer sold her fake crack.
Kids—this is your brain on crack.
Any questions?

Bottle of water on my desk.

We rearranged the office yesterday to accommodate our new changes.
I doesn’t feel quite right yet.
Also, it’s literally 6 feet from my desk to the printer.
It used to be in another room.
I just lost my daily workout.

I painted my nails red this past weekend.
Way cute.
They are starting to chip.
Probably from all the typing.
Way not cute.

Our new stove is being delivered Saturday.
In just three days I will be in cooking bliss.
I think I’ll bake something first.
We bake a pizza now and one side is raw, the other burnt.
I have to rotate it every few minutes.

I think living room paining will begin this weekend.
I don’t think Adam is excited about that.

Mom bought a bird off Craigslist.
He was already named—wait for it—Dickie.
Danny and Chuck now have an Uncle Dickie.
I don’t know how I feel about that.
I’m pretty sure if Chuck ever met him, she would feel like she wants to eat him.

I need to clean my desk.

Pugs have poor snow clearance.


One Response to ““…no it won’t all go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good…””

  1. Adams Says:

    We would never get Dan to run in the snow. He’d have to have his parka, his sweater, and some sort of thermal PJs on.

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