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“…take all your so called problems, but put them in quotations…” December 28, 2011

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Started the day with my usual coffee run.
I tried to recreate a MudTurtle at Starbucks.
They suggested adding caramel syrup.
Yada, yada, yada—I wasted $5.

Researched an upcoming article on industrial hemp most of the morning.
Did you know the Declaration of Independence is printed on hemp paper.
I do now.
And about 25,000 other uses for it.
It’s good for just about everything—except smoking.
Somehow people still don’t understand that.

Subway for lunch.
Thanks Christmas gift cards.

Speak of Christmas—I’m going to use my new Kitchenaid mixer to make bread tonight.
I am beyond excited.
I predict very good things to come.
I love baking.

Wearing my Roberto Cavalli watch today.
It makes me feel special.

Adams and I researched new stoves at Home Depot yesterday.
I think we may have settled on the GE Andora.
Nice flat top with a super cool bridge burner feature.

I have to clean the house tonight.

On a completely unrelated topic: Crystal and Yemana are coming down for New Year’s Eve.
(I lied. That is totally related. I might die if other people saw my house in its current post-Christmas chaos.)
I’m pretty excited about it.
I also predict good things for that night.

Another friend on Facebook is prego.
They have started round two now.
My dad even asked me about grandbabies at Christmas.
What is this world coming to.

Super slow day in the office.
I wish I were at home.

Had text convo with KW5 yesterday.
It was brief.
I miss our hours-long phone sessions.
Now wonder people thought we were dating.
(I have confirmation on that now BTW. Other office members told me yesterday they thought we were hiding it. Little did they know I was really hiding a relationship with Adams. HA)
I don’t think married men are allowed to talk to other women on the phone for hours.
Unless its their grandma.

My tweetdeck is blowing up right now.

I think I’ll start planning our spring garage sale as soon as the new year hits.
You know you want to come.
I have quality junk.
I would like to keep my junk—I have no room for it all.
And we just keep getting more.

Adam’s New Year’s resolution is to read more books and spend less time phone-gaming.
To buy a new house.
(Don’t look at me like that Adam.)

I foresee big changes for the Lettermans in 2012.
It’s going to be a lot.
Parts might be scary.
But it’s going to be good.
I’m ready.
Adam will get there.

Click, click
click, click
Click, click
Between all the typing and high heels in this office that is all I ever hear.
We need carpet.

Chuck is getting fat.
I think she needs to switch to indoor cat food.
That or cat treadmill.
She is lump most of the time.

It’s 25¢ wing Wednesday at Little Caesars.
I know Adam is excited for dinner.

I think DVR has made me lazy.
In college if I missed an episode of the Gilmore Girls I was SOL.
Now, I’m not home for an episode of 90210 and the DVR saves it for me.
I can watch it any time I want.
Like times when I used to be walking, or reading or not sitting on the couch like a bump.

Talk in the newsroom: Some ladies in Chi-town staged a nurse-in at a Target.
What is a nurse-in you may ask?
A bunch of women sitting around breastfeeding in public to prove it socially acceptable.
I’m sorry.
I know its a natural thing, I know it’s normal and not lude….
But damn woman.
Cover that thing up.
Use a blanket of something.
Nobody wants to see your breast with a baby hanging off it.
Let the backlash from public breastfeeding friends begin—but honestly, I don’t want to see your breast either.

We talked about that for about 20 minutes in the newsroom.
As per normal, I came off as not having conservative family values.
Go figure.

This is 668 words.
I should shut my mouth now.
I’m bored, like to write and full of opinions—this could go on all day.

Even this once jubliant pug looks sad about public breastfeeding.



One Response to ““…take all your so called problems, but put them in quotations…””

  1. Adams Says:

    Multiple things:

    1. Yes, I am looking at you like that.
    2. To be fair, I would be interested in seeing a nurse in.
    3. You only come off as not having conservative values because you are a heathen. But you’re my heathen, and other people can shut their damn mouths.

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