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“…and it might be over in a seconds time…” November 23, 2011

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It’s Thanksgiving eve.
I just wrapped up my two articles for the week.
Moments away from a four day weekend.

The office has a weird feel today.
I told Adam is was a “dead man walking” feel.
Just do what you have to do, get it over with and tomorrow will come.

I’m ready for ham and green bean casserole.
I think my mouth is watering already.

Tonight is the night—we make the Black Friday list.
Two columns—wants and needs.
What I need as gifts for others and what I want for myself.
Early stop at the K-Go tomorrow on the way to the in-laws for my 2-inch thick newspaper.
The best one all year.
The morning will be spent cross checking and catagorizing items.
Then out come the highlighters.
Blue=stores that open at midnight.
Green=stores that open at 4 a.m.
So on and so fourth.
A battle plan must be in place or we will never come out alive.
Adam is going to love my checkout plan this year.
We run in, he gets in line, I dash and smash.
I think this should minimize our waiting in line.
Two hours at Kohl’s last year almost derailed my timeline.

It’s almost time for Adam and I to start hosting holidays at our house.
The parents are getting tied.
Half of them aren’t even cooking this year.
Bigger house.
Maybe we can start small with Christmas and work up to Thanksgiving dinner.

I’m excited to pick out an ornament this year.
Each Black Friday we have been together Adam and I hit up the Hallmark for a special keepsake.
This year we can actually buy one of those super cute married people ornaments.
Also, first year of marriage ornament is a big thing.
Yes Adam, it is.
We will have it forever.

Another Black Friday tradition—setting up the tree.
Can’t wait.
Wanted to set it up for days now.

My Dr. Pepper is empty.
My articles are written.
My desk is clean.
It’s time to go home.

Happy Thanksgiving friends.

My prediction for Danny Boy after the tryptophan kicks in.


One Response to ““…and it might be over in a seconds time…””

  1. Adam Says:

    Why do I have to be “line guy”?

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