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“…Gotta make sure it’s right, so until tomorrow, goodnight…” November 2, 2011

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The holiday season is approaching.
I can see my calendar filling up already.
The holidays are a stressful time, but time I wouldn’t trade.
They make me happy.
The make me feel loved.

Speak of which, the Headliner News is working on a Veterans Day tribute this coming issue.
We are collecting photos.
These are loved people.

I have a super cute idea for Christmas cards this year.
Get ready friends.

A weird thing happened.
I didn’t think it was weird.
Must have been.
I tried to mend it.
May have ruined a friendship.

Office party today.
Our front desk girl is getting married.
Ah to be so young and naive.

It’s suppose to rain all day tomorrow.
I have to deliver extra NIE while Amelia is on vaca.
That sounds perfect.

I need a vaca.

Speak of which, Adams is home sick today.
Left work early.
Not the kind of vaca he hoped for either.

Halloween at the Letterman house was a success this year.
We had double the number of trick-or-treaters.
So we had 15.

The Pie Box is an amazing place.

I think trunk-or-treat is lame.

I think I need some caffeine.
My morning coffee is wearing off.
It was really good coffee today too.
I have finally mastered the grounds to creamer ratio on my new blend.

I’m excited about Christmas baking.
I have a bunch of ideas.
Via Pinterest of course.
Hells to the yeah.

I have an interview at 8:30 tomorrow morning.
That seems to early.

Someone asked me today how my life was going, if anything had changed.
It made me think.
No, it hasn’t.
I got married, but that was 6 months ago now.
What have I done lately?
It’s a good question which I have no answer too.
It feels like I need to remedy that.
I don’t know how, but I feel something good coming on.

Adam and I are going to start taking classes at the Home Depot.
They give demos every weekend for free on do-it-yourself home repairs.
Our house needs some repairs.
It’s a cute little house, but getting old.
I have always wanted to know how to grout tile.

I think a bunch of minor repairs and the house will look a lot better.
Then we can sell it.
Repairs always make people want to buy.

The thought of selling out house scares me.
Will anybody want to buy it in this economy?

I think we are going to have a yard sale in the spring.
Get rid of some of the excess around the house.
We have tons of stuff and I would rather have tons of money.
(Because everyone knows you get tons of money from a yard sale.)

I feel like baking cookies now.
If I start now, I’m going to look like a Christmas bell by the time the holidays get here.

It’s suppose to get cold this week.
I’m glad.
This 70 degree day shit in October is just wrong.
Bring on the sweaters and coats.

Speak of which, I did NOT buy the super cute Calvin Klein coat on sale for $69 I saw yesterday.
Will power.
It’s overrated.

Bought my first Christmas gift.
A pair of red pajamas for Danny Boy—complete with the butt flap on back.
I know.

Its time to load NIE and go home.

“I met a man I didn’t know that asked me how are you doing
Shoulda just said fine cause it’s all he wanted to hear
But for reasons unknown in a sorrowful tone I said
Man it’s been a hell of a year
And I don’t really know where I’m going
And I might just be hanging around
And I don’t really know where I’m going
And I might just be hanging around
If life’s shades of gray
Then I guess you could say
That I’ve been waiting for a break in the clouds”

Danny won't wear a Santa hat, but he might wear a collar.


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