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“…Who says I can’t be free, from all of the things that I used to be?…” October 20, 2011

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It’s a Thursday in the office.
That means NIE delivery.
It was cold.
Coffee helps.

New cardi today.
That always means its a good day.

Adam just called to tell me about a spreadsheet he built.
Took him almost 2 hours.
He said, “It was fun and created a lot of useable data.”
When he says such nerdy things, I just smile and say, “Oh nice honey.”

The high today is 50.
That wouldn’t be so bad it it hadn’t been 80 over the weekend.
The weather needs to make up it’s mind.

Last night was game one of the World Series.
My boy Motte brought it home.
As Adam would say, “I am hot for Motte.”
Have you seen that beard?

I secretly still think about the house on Pickwick.
(Don’t tell Adam.)

Got the fabric for my Roman shade project via Pinterest.
It’s gonna be epic.
By epic, I mean hopefully it looks like the picture.

The fact that some people refuse to believe in evolution baffles my mind.

I scrawled an inspirational saying on the bathroom mirror in expo marker.
That was 2 days ago.
It has yet to inspire me.
I just look at it and feel bad for being lazy.

I’m writing an article about apps this week.
Research has been fun.

School board (read bored) meeting tonight.
I have a feeling that will be somewhat less fun.

A tweet about singing “Soft Kitty” just popped up on Tweetdeck.
Made me lol.
People looked at me funny.

After the two-day glory of having all the windows in the house open—they are now closed.
Chuck is sad.

Pets & Pumpkins is this weekend.
Still no clue what Danny is going to be.

The Greer’s are coming down next weekend to see Fake—a Cake cover band.
Adam maintains the band should be called Frosting.
(Get it. Frosting covers Cake.)
Good times will be had.

Crystal and Yemana may make the trip down for Neewollah.
I haven’t been to the pub crawl since I lived in the apartment.
But damn they were fun.
If so, I will need to find a costume.
There is always the standby Bee costume I never wore.
But that’s not very creative.
I’m a couple now, I should be able to come up with something cute.

RSVPed to the KW5 wedding today.
In the nicest possible way, I say again, who gets married in Iowa in December?
Crazy people.
Sorry KW5.
You know I love you. :)

My fingers are cold.

I still need new pictures for my desk.

Tuesday is my dads birthday.
He will be 51.
That sounds old.
And makes me feel old.
I don’t know how Adam gets by everyday.

Speak of Mr. Letterman—he forgot his wedding ring today.
To that I say, boo sir.

We need more wall space in our house for all my Pinterest projects.

My eyes are wandering, but find nothing.
I know I can be so much more.

I’m getting tired of Facebook.
The new format is lame.
I don’t like it.
By default, I now don’t like Facebook as much.
They took away the simple and replaced it with crap.
Twitter on the other hand still rocks.
Way to keep it simple stupid.

Made chicken and dumplings for dinner last night.
Hand rolled the dumplings.
Huge success.
Adam said we should add it to the rotation.

I imagine this is what Danny will do to any costume we put on him.


“…the rhythm of a line of idle days…” October 12, 2011

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Another Wednesday in the office.
Actucally made quite a few calls this morning AND got response.
I like it.

Had a hot Capone for lunch.
I’m weak.
It’s so tasty.

I have a new mistress and her name is Pinterest.
OMG—so much goodness in one place.
And, yes, there is an app for that.

Started my first project via Pinterest last night.
It’s turning out AH-mazing.
Very excited for more.

It’s Backyard Brawl week at the paper.
Which means I have been pimping football like crazy.
As a sweet pimp, I really should get paid more for my services.
I got a T-shirt.

I wish I had a Dr. Pepper.

I need to go load NIE in the car.

There was no Glee on last night.
It was a sad day.
In other news I am becoming addicted to Ringer.
Holy identical sisters Batman, talk about the drama mamas.

Adams and I might hit up Dublin’s Pass tonight.
Drink a brew, watch our Cards in the playoffs.
Sports are better when you watch them with others.
(Even drunk weird others.)
Or maybe the Gastro Pub.
It’s German night. :)
You know I love the spatzel.

I’m drinking water.

It was raining this morning.
Blankies were warm.
Made it very hard to get out of bed.

I don’t like the new FB.
I feel like I’m missing stuff and people.
And it feels like I see the same posts over and over again.

I need a new purse.
(I know Adam can’t wait to shop with me for one.)

Maybe Shake n’ Bake pork chops for dinner tonight.
We just had them about two weeks ago—but I love them.

Oh wait.
Dublin’s Pass.
I already forgot.

Made quiche for dinner last night.
Adam was not a big fan.
I love anything in which I get to use multiple kitchen gadgets.

Life is not on hold.
I have to remember that and live.

The office is super quite today.
Not sure why.
Tons of peeps are here.
Maybe it’s the rain.

I’m working on a family reunion story.
I’ve interviewed two people so far.
Took me almost 2 hours.
People love to talk about reunion memories.

I haven’t seen any babies in a while.
They may have stopped following me.
For now.

Pets and Pumpkins is next weekend.
I think Danny may go as an iPug.
I need to find a box.
Adams is gonna design up some cute dog-related apps.
Or I may just buy him a pre-made jumper.
It’s still on the fence.

Chuck will not be attending.
She still refuses to walk in her harness.
Little loaf.

Still drinking water.
Not any better.

I think Adams need a vacation.
He’s so exhausted lately.
I’ll have to see what I can do about that.

I need some new picture frames for my desk.

Getting a headache.
I think it’s time for a pug picture.

iPug—as demonstrated by a fugly pug who is not Danny.