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“Here comes the cold, break out the winter clothes…” September 28, 2011

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Today’s blog post is brought to you by request—or rather demand—of some of my more loyal readers.
It’s been three weeks since my last post.
For shame.

I just sent out a mass email encouraging people to buy Backyard Brawl shirts.
You want one too?
See me.
(Even is they are gray.)

Fall is upon us.
And I love it.
Fall means pumpkins spice lattes.
Fall mean festivals.
Fall means my hair is curly, not frizzy.
Best of all—fall means its cardi season.
Bring ’em on!
Even bought Dan a new fleece hoodie to celebrate.

My oil light came on in Millie.
I swear I just had that changed.
Low tire pressure light was on last week.
Life was more simple before my car had all these lights to remind me of things.

There is a pink highlighter on my desk.
It won’t fit in my pen caddy.
It’s rolling around my mouse cord mocking me.

My green water bottle is my friend today.
I drink way to much pop.
(It’s because I love it.)

As per a usual Wednesday, nobody wants to call me back.
Is there a mandatory day wait before calling a reporter back that I don’t know about?

My DVR is blowing up this week.
So much goodness.
So little time.
Also, its a bit sad I DVR so much TV.
I need a life.

Fall festival trifecta this weekend.
Ozark arts and crafts festival, meets Punmpkin Days, meets Octoberfest.
Bring on the baked goods and beer.
(I know Adam is excited.)

I need a new picture for my desk.
I have a super cute framed one—its of out 6 month dating anniversary.
I do however look thinner, so I’ll keep it.
Which of the 6 billion wedding pictures to add though?

Who am I kidding?
I have so much junk on my desk, I barely have room for that picture.

I do however have two pictures of Danny Boy.

Made BLT’s for dinner last night.
Life is better when in involves bacon.

Went to Walmart on my lunch break for some cleaning supplies.
I don’t know what happened.
I got soap, then crossed the aisle and when into the baby furniture section.
It’s like the cart had a mind of its own.
It was weird.
I didn’t know why I was there.
I turned around and left.
(Then I spent the rest of the time worried someone noticed me there, recognized me and thinks I’m prego.)

Not that that is a bad thing.
It’s just not right for me, right now.

New Facebook is weird.
Just throwing that out there.

I think Shake n’ Bake pork chops for dinner.
Love them.
So easy.
So yummy.

Covered a court hearing this week.
Very long, but I loved it.
it’s so much more interesting than a board meeting.
(or bored meeting)

Also, I heart MPA this week.
Just throwing that out there too.

Stopped blogging for about 30 minutes there.
Had some convo with peeps.
Lost my train of thought.
I think that means its time for a pug picture.

Little puggy ready for fall? Yes, I think he is.


One Response to ““Here comes the cold, break out the winter clothes…””

  1. Adam Says:

    Shake n Bake is nice, but its no Little Ceasar 25¢ Wings.

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