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“…I’m in the war of my life, at the door of my life…” August 12, 2011

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It’s Friday, Friday, Friday….
F U Rebecca Black.
How do I even have that song stuck in my head.
I heard it three weeks ago at a friends in KC.
Yet it’s Friday and I’m singing.

Been a busy, busy week.
Magically I got all my interviews done Wednesday and Thursday morning.
Which left me half of yesterday and all day today to write.
Three down, two to go.

Meb just asked me to email her a picture.
While in my camera roll I noticed a picture from Dublin’s Pass.
Damn corned beef sounds tasty right now.

I forgot my lunch at home today.
Lunch I specially order last night.
Leftover Chinese—I miss you my friend.

What wonders will this weekend bring?

Here’s a question—how pissy does someone have to be before they stop being “touchy” and get told to suck it up cupcake?
I’m starting to wonder.

It’s back to school time.
My days just got a lot busier.

My column about the Republic book ban got tweeted by the AE of the Saturday Evening Post this week.
I think that is really cool.

Sometimes I feel like I’m stagnant.
I hope I’m more like an avalanche.
Opportunity is out there somewhere, I just have to be willing to let it find me.

It’s not hot anymore.
In fact it’s very pleasant.
Mid 80’s all week.
I can feel fall already.

Football is starting.
I’m already tired of the status updates and tweets.
I’m sure that’s how people feel about my pug posts.

Sent out the NIE email.
Soon my Thursday morning will be filled with newspaper deliveries again.
I like driving.
I dislike getting out every five minutes to walk in a school.
Stop the car.
Park the car.
Open the trunk.
Get the newspapers.
Walk in the school.
Small talk.
Back in the car.
Drive five minutes forward.

I think my coffee is wearing off.

Took Chuck to the vet.
She had fleas.
I don’t know how; she is a house cat.
Now she has to take meds for a week to get rid of the infection she got from scratching.
I feel so bad shooting it down her throat twice a day.
I don’t think she hates me…yet.

No weekend plans.
It kind of feels nice.
Soon there will be too much to cram into one weekend.

Picked up some cutenss at the grand opening of the Ozark maurices Wednesday.
(Yes it is maurices with a small M. They are weird.)

This week I have been less than domestic.
We ate out every night.
I’m a horrible wife.
Grocery shopping is on order this weekend.

I can’t wait for the HyVee to open.

I love being married.

Adam tried to explain home equity to me last night.
I just think we need a bigger house.

There was a baby in the Headliner News office yesterday.
I told Adam Im not ready for one of those.
Aside from the poo, puke and screaming that thing was terrifying.
Everything that like squirmy bundle represents.
You are responsible for making sure they grow up to be a good decent person.
That’s heavy.

I’ll stick to my furbabies.

I have a neighborhood picked out for us to live in.

I’m not feeling this blog today.

Soon Danny will get to bust out his cute sweater collection too.


One Response to ““…I’m in the war of my life, at the door of my life…””

  1. Adam Says:

    What about my cute sweater collection?

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