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“…alive in the age of worry, smile in the age of worry…” August 31, 2011

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I didn’t post a blog last week.
I know.
I was very busy.

That is a good thing.

Finished off the NIE delivery list for the year.
All color-coded and brilliant.
I love organization.

KW5 has a Twitter now.
Well, one he actually uses.
I enjoy reading his random thoughts.

My watch is poking my wrist while I type today.
Had to take it off.

Working up our 9/11 rememberance story for the next issue.
That was a crazy day, but everybody still remembers.
Where they were.
What they were doing.
And how they felt.
Hard to believe its has been 10 years.

I was a senior in high school.
I was at a journalism conference of all places.
50 high school kids gathered around a 13 inch black and white TV in a church basement for most of the morning.
That was insane.

I remember feeling like this was big—this moment right now was changing my world.
Things would never be the same.

Working on the story I have been scrolling though AP pictures from that day for my article.
Those images almost make me tear up.
The plane just before it hit.
People jumping from the towers.
The looks of shock and horror on New Yorker’s face as smoke plumes rise.
The iconic image of the “Iwo Jima” style firefighters.

I remember.
We all remember.
We will never forget.
This was the Pearl Harbor of my generation.

I get to bake tonight.
I love baking.
I’m rather excited about it.
It’s for a good cause. :)

I think I drank too much coffee this morning.
Got a headache and the jitters.
It was not fun.
Damn I love coffee.
I think the key is coffee—not espresso.

My Tweetdeck died earlier.
Had to restart my whole computer.

Speak of which—after two years we finally have Internet at home.
The had wi-fi so we had wi-fi.
They moved.
We tethered Adam’s iPhone, but it was slow.
We have now joined the rest of the known world.
It feels good.

Thinking about 9/11 made me sad.

I need more coffee.

I love my husband.

I’m going on the record as saying I think Fantasy Football is lame.

I like how people in our office email each other.
We all sit in the same room.

I’ve been told I’m an ace reporter.
I agree.

What to make tonight for dinner?
Something easy.
It can’t cut into my baking time.

Speak of which—I just downloaded the Epicurious app.
I have good feelings about this.

Fall is getting closer.
It was 100 degrees here today.
FU too Mother Nature.

NIE delivery starts next week.
Expect more tweets about that.

I was thinking about how Twitter effects news yesterday.
Tweets are breaking.
As soon as I know something, I tweet it.
I love reading other peoples tweets.

Twitter and Facebook will NOT replace newspapers.
I don’t care what all those people say.
And those TV talking heads are dumb too.
When a plane strikes the World Trade Center, do you turn to FB for the facts?
No, you read a newspaper.
When America elects the first black president do you turn to Nancy Grace for her thoughts?
No you buy a newspaper—look at the pictures—and always remember where you were that day.

Newspapers are lasting memories perserved in ink for the duration.

Sentiment like that is what makes me love being a journalist.
People too often forget what journalist are these days.
They are not Nancy Grace.
And they are not people who care about advertising sales.
They are people who want to tell the news—the facts—for the world to remember.

This column took a turn from the normal to the preachy.
I am sorry for that, but I am not sorry for anything previously stated.

I’m ready to go home.

Here is a pug.

He knows what I'm talking about.


“I was born in the arms of imaginary friends…” August 19, 2011

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It’s Friday.
I just now have time to blog.
Busy, busy, busy.
It’s back to school week.
I’m currently waiting on people to call me back.
Were are 1 for 3.
Such is the exciting life of a journalist.
I can’t wait until I can just write a column each week, lunch with friends and have cute outfits.
Ala Mrs. Preston.
Wait, what?
Life a a journalist is nothing like Sex and the City?!
What am I doing here.

Had to wake up early every day this week.
Back to school photos means you have to be there before the kids.

I’m drinking a Dr Pepper.
Did you know it has no period.
They dropped it.
That was your punctuation lesson for the day.

Today is my mom’s birthday.
I’m going to try to convince her to go to Nakatos.
Love that place.
Love her.
What could be better?

It took me a solid 5 minutes to figure out was #WM3 was on Twitter.
That happened in 1993.
I was in third grade.
Never heard of it.

Made roast for dinner last night.
Love it.
Put it in the Crock-Pot.
Turn it on.
Go to work—or cover a school board meeting.

My cute white rubber watch makes my wrist sweaty.
That is not attractive.

My left eye has started twitching.
Crazy, right?
I know.
But I’m not crazy.
I think it’s all the stress.
It only does it when I’m at work or right after I leave.
It’s day three now.
It’s starting to be annoying.
Faux-Google doctors tell me it will just go away.

Made some cupcakes the other day.
Shared with the peeps at Adam’s job.
I love to bake.
They love to eat.
It’s win/win really.

Adam is the only person who ever comments on my blog.
I am not fishing for comments.

I started C25K again.
It’s rough.
I think to complete the program in the allotted time you need to be in 1K shape to start.
I was in C shape.

We haven’t had to lock Chuck out of the bedroom at night in three days.
I think she may have finally grown out of the attack-everything kitten phase.
Also she is getting pudgy.
Like a little loaf of fur.

Confirmation on two weeks.

If Mom doesn’t want to go to Nakatos we may have to go without her.
Shrimp are calling my name.
(No I can’t hear them. We already established I’m not crazy.)

I have quote a few articles to write this weekend.
It’s D&D weekend for Adams.
It’s all good.

BTW, @AdamLetterman requested this blog.
He said he was sad there was no Wednesday blog.

People keep asking me about kids.
Isn’t it enough to be married?
Why does everybody have to have kids?
Can’t you just be content being in love?
At least for a while?
I (sometimes) like my friends kids.
In theory I would like kids.
However, four months of marriage is not long enough to ask those questions.

I probably just offended everyone who reads this with kids.

I’m not sure I care.
Their life is their life.
My life is my life.

I already wrote a published column about the great divide in America.
Parents v. non-parents.
It can’t be much worse than that.

Still nobody has called me back.
Lunch is almost over.


Poor pug. How can you look so sad and still be so cute?


“…I’m in the war of my life, at the door of my life…” August 12, 2011

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It’s Friday, Friday, Friday….
F U Rebecca Black.
How do I even have that song stuck in my head.
I heard it three weeks ago at a friends in KC.
Yet it’s Friday and I’m singing.

Been a busy, busy week.
Magically I got all my interviews done Wednesday and Thursday morning.
Which left me half of yesterday and all day today to write.
Three down, two to go.

Meb just asked me to email her a picture.
While in my camera roll I noticed a picture from Dublin’s Pass.
Damn corned beef sounds tasty right now.

I forgot my lunch at home today.
Lunch I specially order last night.
Leftover Chinese—I miss you my friend.

What wonders will this weekend bring?

Here’s a question—how pissy does someone have to be before they stop being “touchy” and get told to suck it up cupcake?
I’m starting to wonder.

It’s back to school time.
My days just got a lot busier.

My column about the Republic book ban got tweeted by the AE of the Saturday Evening Post this week.
I think that is really cool.

Sometimes I feel like I’m stagnant.
I hope I’m more like an avalanche.
Opportunity is out there somewhere, I just have to be willing to let it find me.

It’s not hot anymore.
In fact it’s very pleasant.
Mid 80’s all week.
I can feel fall already.

Football is starting.
I’m already tired of the status updates and tweets.
I’m sure that’s how people feel about my pug posts.

Sent out the NIE email.
Soon my Thursday morning will be filled with newspaper deliveries again.
I like driving.
I dislike getting out every five minutes to walk in a school.
Stop the car.
Park the car.
Open the trunk.
Get the newspapers.
Walk in the school.
Small talk.
Back in the car.
Drive five minutes forward.

I think my coffee is wearing off.

Took Chuck to the vet.
She had fleas.
I don’t know how; she is a house cat.
Now she has to take meds for a week to get rid of the infection she got from scratching.
I feel so bad shooting it down her throat twice a day.
I don’t think she hates me…yet.

No weekend plans.
It kind of feels nice.
Soon there will be too much to cram into one weekend.

Picked up some cutenss at the grand opening of the Ozark maurices Wednesday.
(Yes it is maurices with a small M. They are weird.)

This week I have been less than domestic.
We ate out every night.
I’m a horrible wife.
Grocery shopping is on order this weekend.

I can’t wait for the HyVee to open.

I love being married.

Adam tried to explain home equity to me last night.
I just think we need a bigger house.

There was a baby in the Headliner News office yesterday.
I told Adam Im not ready for one of those.
Aside from the poo, puke and screaming that thing was terrifying.
Everything that like squirmy bundle represents.
You are responsible for making sure they grow up to be a good decent person.
That’s heavy.

I’ll stick to my furbabies.

I have a neighborhood picked out for us to live in.

I’m not feeling this blog today.

Soon Danny will get to bust out his cute sweater collection too.


…How do I stop myself from being just a number?… August 3, 2011

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Bloggity, blog, blog, BLOG!

So after three weeks of research I finished my cost of DWi story.
It’s the centerpiece in this weeks issue.
I think it turned out really great.

This week I’m working on a story for EDU localizing the Republic book ban.
I’m decently excited about this.
I think the story will be good.
I think the opinion column I write about it will be even better.
It’s a slippery slope.

It’s still hot.
Just FYI in case you didn’t know.
In case all the inane chit chat you have with every checker and coworker and guy next to you in line isn’t about the heat.
Just in case you didn’t see it on the front page of every newspaper.
And the start of every news cast.
In case you missed all that—its hot.

Again I ask, when did two week vacations become OK?

You are a media contact.
I am media.
It would benefit you more to talk to me that it will me to talk to you.
Get that idea in your head now.

Got a free weather radio at an expo I covered today.
(not to mention the Crusin’ USA custard I know @AdamLetterman is super jealous of.)

Water is good today.

Had a doughnut at the staff meeting this morning.
Maybe the best cake doughnut I have ever had.
(and yes it is doughnut. If you spell it donut you are wrong.)

Went to a new Chinese place for dinner last night.
Bao Bao in Chesterfield Village.
SUPER good.
And tons of food for cheap.
Adam and I each got an entree, soup, rice and two crab rangoon for $15.
PLUS I had tons of leftovers for lunch today.

AE is coming back next week.
Good and bad.
I was just starting to hit my groove.
Two weeks in, the third would have been a breeze.
I would rock an AE postion.

School is getting ready to start.
Visited OHS for the first time today.
Back in the saddle again……

Went shopping in my closet today.
Found a shirt I haven’t worn in years.
Still fits and I think its in style again.
Double win.

In case you missed it, its still hot out.

Drove to Bolivar for a photography class last Friday.
I learned I am already a good photographer.
It’s takes more than shutter speed and F-stop to make a good picture—it takes an eye.

Why would you start a specialized work Twitter account and not tell me?
I run the CCH twitter.

Adam has a special people meeting tonight.
I’m not cool enough to go.
He won’t be home until about 7:30 p.m.
The options of what to do are endless.
I should run.
I’ll most likely watch Bones.

Speak of Bones.
I have seen every eposide past No. 25.
I finally got the first season and started No. 1.
It was weird.
Bones was sassy and Zac was talking about ass tapping.
It spawned the hastag #notmyBones

Which BTW, if you don’t follow me on Twitter you are a fool.
I am high-larry-us.
That is assuming you care what I’m talking about.
If not, you would probably just think I’m rude.
And tweet too much.
Which I do.
6,000+ and counting.
(I think it’s just the right amount.)

Someday soon, my break will come.

I don’t know if I want to cook dinner tonight.
It heats up the house so bad,
In case you missed it, its hot outside.

Another coworker got engaged.

Poor Adams is about to kill himself at work.
Filling in for a coworker for over a month now, with no sign of her return.
He needs hugs.

I may be getting tired of Words with Friends.
I had too many games going at once.
I can only think of so many words.

The eyes have it.