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“…a dream that keeps waking me…” July 28, 2011

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It’s Thursday.
Yesterday was blog Wednesday and I didn’t blog.
Much to @adchicky’s disappointment.
It was a very busy day.

Today on the other hand I am caught up and ready to go.
I had some Starbucks this morning.
That could account for all the energy.

Busy week at work.
The AE is still gone.
I’m no double duty.
The worst part?
Sorting through two inboxes full of spam mail.
I’ve seen it once—once is enough.

The Ozark Empire Fair is in town.
Some of my best memories as a kid come from the fair.
Corn dogs with Dad.
Root beer jugs with Dad.
(we love fair food)
The fun house.
Good times.
Can’t wait.

I saw a job listing on AP the other day.
A political reporter out of the DC office covering 2012.
I drooled a bit as a read.
How freaking sweet would that be?
ANSWER: Pretty damn sweet.

We bought a 417 deal of the day for Dublin’s Pass.
Adam is giddy about the menu.
So giddy he sent me a PDF and then called to talk about it.
One of the reasons I love him.

Its still hot out.

I have to drive to Bolivar for a photography workshop tomorrow.
I hope I learn a lot.
Its a long drive.

Speaking of drive.
The tire pressure indicator light came on in Millie.
Turns out one of her tire valves is jank.
The regular tire shop won’t touch it.
I have no idea why.
(They are afraid of the sensor.)
I have an appointment at the Scion dealer Saturday.
Prelim estimate? Between $25 and $250.
Good god.

We got MPA results back.
We kicked some major ass.
27 total.
I walked away with 4.
Two firsts, a second and a HM.

The most surprising—two are for page design.
I like designing pages.
It’s fun.
Comes naturally.
I’m glad somebody else liked it too.

Healthy Choice fresh steamers rotini for lunch.
It was yummy.
But my mouth still has a lingering sauce taste.
Water tastes like marinara.

I have no idea what’s for dinner tonight.
Made a meatloaf the other night.
It was freakin tasty.

The office is busy today.
Lots of people in and out.

Apparently its national hamburger day.

Donna won something at GAO.
She gave it to me as a gift for Adam.
He is gonna die when he sees it.
(Hopefully not literally, just be really really happy.)
Check Facebook later for a picture.

I’m on the edge of my desire.
I can’t quite reach it yet.

Gas costs too much.
I paid $3.61 yesterday.

Speak of which, I’m tired of hearing about the debt ceiling.
Make the damn deal.
You know you have to.
Boehner needs to stop acting like a picked on child.
Obama needs to man the hell up.

I usually don’t talk politics in my blog.
I don’t want anyone to start calling me Pinko.

Its only 8 days until my birthday.

I wish I had some chocolate right now.

It’s almost back to school time.
My days are about to get A LOT busier.
I wish it were with real news coverage.

Andy’s has a new SDC sundae.
I think we need to try it.

I’m becoming addicted to a new coffee creamer.
It’s sweet.
I never thought I would like that.
But it’s damn good
(Its still no MudHouse.)

I refrained from posting my column on Facebook this week as I usually do.
I don’t want the backlash of comments I know it will bring.

Today’s pug is high-larry-us.
The result of googling pug+chocolate.
Why did this pop up?
Who the hell knows.

Poor bastard. That pug looks sad and that stew would be so fatty.


One Response to ““…a dream that keeps waking me…””

  1. Adam Says:

    I’m having chocolate covered peanuts. MMMMmmmm….

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