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“…Excuse me Mrs. Busybody, can you pencil me in when you can…” July 14, 2011

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It’s Thursday.
I forgot to write a blog yesterday.
I don’t know what I was thinking.

Forgive any typos today.
I’m wearing a Band-Aid on a crucial home-row key finger.
Sliced it on the food processor while making gaucamole Tuesday night.
(No blood in the food and it was yummy—win win.)

It’s hot today.
Africa hot as one friend called it.
It has been hot all week.
It will be hot tomorrow.
That about sums up the current weather conditions.

The Christian County Fair is in town.
I can taste the fresh squeezed lemonade already.

Nobody is calling back.
I suspect because it is summer.
And they have a life.
And better things to do than an interview with me.

I have drank three bottle of water today.
Its hot.

We are headed to KC this weekend.
I love visiting with out KC friends.
It’s time for Harry Potter 7.2!!!!!!
(More whammers indicates more importance.)
I need to pack light.
I imagine its hot there too.
Skirts, shorts and capris are in orders.

I now have Google+.
I like it.
It’s going to take some getting used to though,
It’s not Facebook.
And I’m glad.
Want to join my circle?

The office has been pretty quiet today.
Except for when the intern was almost eaten by a lion.

I’m ready to go home.

About a million episodes of Bones should record today.

I have become addicted to Words With Friends.
I play constantly.
I win some.
I lose some.
I always have fun.

Adam and I made the drive up to Stockton Lake this past weekend.
Thanks to Robert, we found the perfect swimming spot.
Sans GIANT rocks.
I had a couple bruises on my shins.
But once you swim out far enough, you can’t touch the bottom anyway.

Donna just tweeted her 1,000th tweet.
She is such a newb.
I’m on 6,091.
Which is nothing compared to some people.

I can’t wait for a native Google+ app for iPhone.

Danny was off the wall last night.
Ran around all night like a crazy person.
Even brought his ball to me in bed.
I threw it.
He brought it back.
The proceeded to lay at the foot of the bed and squeak it.

In less than a month I will be 27.
Good god.

Speak of time.
We have been married 3 months and 4 days today.
I forgot my wedding ring at home for the first time.
I feel awful.
Adam said we were not married today.
Sad face.
We are going to have to start celebrating out anniversary on April 11.

What to make for dinner?
Married 3 months and running out of ideas.
This is no gouda.

I need more cute dresses.
Wore one to work yesterday.
Loved it.
The ladies in my office are rocking the cute summer dresses lately.
I have 4 total.
I need to step up my cute summer dress game.

Sandals I have covered.
(Unless you think I should buy more, Adam. Then I totally don’t have them covered.)

I think it’s time to go home.

Danny, circa this morning, demonstrating how to get "pug butt" on Adam's pillow.


2 Responses to ““…Excuse me Mrs. Busybody, can you pencil me in when you can…””

  1. Adam Says:

    I only say you aren’t married because I am repeating what you say to me multiple times when I may or may not have forgotten my ring.

  2. Robert Crook Says:

    Be careful if you play her at words…. she is very, very sneaky!!!! Nice comeback in the end there kiddo!

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