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“…and that’s the way, this wheel keeps working now…” July 6, 2011

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Hello Wednesday blog readers.
It’s blog time.

Work is decently slow today.
Called a lot of people.
Waiting for responses.

Brandon just called.
Haven’t talked to him in about three months.
He has under a year left now.
All is good.

Went to Subway for lunch today.
Ran into @ib4babs.
Had a BLT.
Got soaked in the rain on the way back.

I am currently playing 6 games of Words with Friends.
I think I have a problem.

Adam may have found us the perfect swimming hole for the weekend.
According to the locals, it has 6 people all Fourth of July weekend.
By locals, I mean Robert.

Attended a conference on MSIP5 yesterday.
Its really messed up.
And people are livid about it.
However, I don’t think DESE really cares.
Best part of the conference was the pastries.
We know I love Panera.
Took the extras to Adam and the boys.
They loved me.

The rain has stopped.

I wish I had a Dr. Pepper.

Adam and I took a roadtrip to the Downstream Casino Saturday.
We went in with $40 and left with $11.
Not too shabby for 3 hours of fun.
Plus we got to see the three states corner.
Way sweet.

I pioneered steak pita rolls this weekend.
I love chopping things.

Fireworks at the Field were good.
We were behind a street light.
We will know better next time.

Sidenote: Three old people next to us made out in the bed of their pickup.
That’s right: Three people.
Two girls, one boy.
I was SO glad I couldn’t see over the edge of the truck.

The news sports guy is quite.
Maybe shy.
Maybe he just thinks we are weird.
I think I’m weird, so he is probably right.

Finally mailed wedding thank you cards today.
It’s been almost three months.
Horrible bride skills on my part.

I still need to get an oil change.

The chicken running around the Ozark square has a new home.
The entire square was captivated by it.
Everyone was talking about it.
Donna even had me go take a picture.
So much fuss, one little rooster.

I feel lethargic today.
I think it shows in my writing.
A follow-up blog maybe necessary tomorrow.

I don’t know what to cook for dinner.

I made a (no-bake) cheesecake last night.
I added some vanilla and chocolate chips.
It’s amazing.

Adam loves Kool-Aid.
A lot.

I could go for a MudTurtle right now.
Maybe a double.

@cnnbrk is going nuts today with the tweets.
And none of it is really important.
Just makes my phone bleep.
Then the new sports guys looks at me.

Facebook is getting Skype.
That means nothing to me.

Facebook is becoming lame.
Twitter has so much more whit.
I just made that up.

Every time Adam goes in the backyard to grill Chuck sits at the window and whines.
It’s like she is a dog.
I translate that as: MOM. Daddy looks like he is having so much fun. Can I go, PLEASE!

A peoples.
(That is for you Adam.)

The people in the apartment above our office sound like they are herding elephants.

We are go for pug picture.

What up Danzig?


2 Responses to ““…and that’s the way, this wheel keeps working now…””

  1. Adam Says:

    You know what to make for dinner. Starts with “h”, ends with “amburger Mac & Cheese”.

  2. Adam Says:

    And get more Kool-Aid, cause we are going to be out within 10 minutes of me getting home.

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