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“…a trail of ruby red and diamond white…” July 1, 2011

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Holy crap it’s Friday and I haven’t written a blog yet.
Busy, BUSY week.
Couple covering a murder trial with the holiday weekend and BANG, busy.

“Fireworks at the Field” are on the slate for the weekend.
Traffic will be balls to the wall, but I think I can handle myself.

The annual pilgrimage to the Letterman house for the Midtown Fourth of July Parade is Monday.
We walk out the door.
Put our chairs down.
Watch the 20 minute parade.
And go inside.
Can’t mess with tradition.

I just went into the supply closet for some whiteout and found a green pen.
We know my love of green.
It now resides in my pen caddy.

I think I need a new picture frame for my desk.
No, three is not enough.
I need a super-cute wedding photo.
I’ve deemed it so, and now it must be.

It’s hot outside.
And not like, “Ugh this is uncomfortable.”
Or, “This heat make me lethargic.”
But. “Damn, I can’t breath out here and I’m melting into a sweat puddle,” kind of hot.
The kind of hot were Danny can’t even look out the window.
Just thinking about looking out the window makes him pant.

I had a double-shot for breakfast.
I couldn’t make my leg stop shaking.
Via Twitter: I may have been talking 90 miles a minute.
I did interview 4 people in a hour.

Adam has to work late today.

I followed up my double-shot with a bottle of water.
And a giant Dr. Pepper from Taco Bell.
Not so good.
I can feel the caffeine.

Chuck has taken to chasing bugs around the house at night.
Heaven forbid a rouge fly or moth make it though the doorway.
Following complicated acrobatic moves and a general amount of flailing, dinner is served.

I have Monday off.
I did all my pages today.
It feels good.

I have become addicted to the show Bones.
TNT is playing reruns left and right and left again.
I think the DVR recorded 8 of them yesterday.
They are calling my name right now.
(Temperance would say they can’t call your name, they are inanimate object. Ha!)

New sports guy started today.
No opinion yet.
He gets points for laughing at my chinos joke.
(You should have been there, it was funny.)

Office convo today centered on Demi Moore’s breast for at least 10 whole minutes.
The intern says she got a boob job for the movie Striptease.
“I wasn’t watching it for the dance moves.”
Oh snap.

I finally bought a super-cute white rubber watch.
I’ve wanted one FOREVER.
(Bones would say that is simply not true. I have however wanted one for months.)
It took me that long to find one without dumb fake diamonds around it.
I’m not fake, my jewelry shouldn’t be either.

Grilling is in order this weekend.

Today is First Friday.
I like art.
I like downtown.
We are not attending.
(See the aforementioned post on today’s heat.)

I’m almost out of pop-up Post-Its.
It’s tragic.

Happy Fourth of July.

Danny the patriotic pug via my new iPhone app.


One Response to ““…a trail of ruby red and diamond white…””

  1. Adam Says:

    Also, bean dip after the drinking. Viva La Revolucion!

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