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“…a dream that keeps waking me…” July 28, 2011

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It’s Thursday.
Yesterday was blog Wednesday and I didn’t blog.
Much to @adchicky’s disappointment.
It was a very busy day.

Today on the other hand I am caught up and ready to go.
I had some Starbucks this morning.
That could account for all the energy.

Busy week at work.
The AE is still gone.
I’m no double duty.
The worst part?
Sorting through two inboxes full of spam mail.
I’ve seen it once—once is enough.

The Ozark Empire Fair is in town.
Some of my best memories as a kid come from the fair.
Corn dogs with Dad.
Root beer jugs with Dad.
(we love fair food)
The fun house.
Good times.
Can’t wait.

I saw a job listing on AP the other day.
A political reporter out of the DC office covering 2012.
I drooled a bit as a read.
How freaking sweet would that be?
ANSWER: Pretty damn sweet.

We bought a 417 deal of the day for Dublin’s Pass.
Adam is giddy about the menu.
So giddy he sent me a PDF and then called to talk about it.
One of the reasons I love him.

Its still hot out.

I have to drive to Bolivar for a photography workshop tomorrow.
I hope I learn a lot.
Its a long drive.

Speaking of drive.
The tire pressure indicator light came on in Millie.
Turns out one of her tire valves is jank.
The regular tire shop won’t touch it.
I have no idea why.
(They are afraid of the sensor.)
I have an appointment at the Scion dealer Saturday.
Prelim estimate? Between $25 and $250.
Good god.

We got MPA results back.
We kicked some major ass.
27 total.
I walked away with 4.
Two firsts, a second and a HM.

The most surprising—two are for page design.
I like designing pages.
It’s fun.
Comes naturally.
I’m glad somebody else liked it too.

Healthy Choice fresh steamers rotini for lunch.
It was yummy.
But my mouth still has a lingering sauce taste.
Water tastes like marinara.

I have no idea what’s for dinner tonight.
Made a meatloaf the other night.
It was freakin tasty.

The office is busy today.
Lots of people in and out.

Apparently its national hamburger day.

Donna won something at GAO.
She gave it to me as a gift for Adam.
He is gonna die when he sees it.
(Hopefully not literally, just be really really happy.)
Check Facebook later for a picture.

I’m on the edge of my desire.
I can’t quite reach it yet.

Gas costs too much.
I paid $3.61 yesterday.

Speak of which, I’m tired of hearing about the debt ceiling.
Make the damn deal.
You know you have to.
Boehner needs to stop acting like a picked on child.
Obama needs to man the hell up.

I usually don’t talk politics in my blog.
I don’t want anyone to start calling me Pinko.

Its only 8 days until my birthday.

I wish I had some chocolate right now.

It’s almost back to school time.
My days are about to get A LOT busier.
I wish it were with real news coverage.

Andy’s has a new SDC sundae.
I think we need to try it.

I’m becoming addicted to a new coffee creamer.
It’s sweet.
I never thought I would like that.
But it’s damn good
(Its still no MudHouse.)

I refrained from posting my column on Facebook this week as I usually do.
I don’t want the backlash of comments I know it will bring.

Today’s pug is high-larry-us.
The result of googling pug+chocolate.
Why did this pop up?
Who the hell knows.

Poor bastard. That pug looks sad and that stew would be so fatty.


“…I want to live on the side of a square…” July 20, 2011

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It’s Wednesday blog time.

As I logged in today, I realized I have 3 e’s in my name.
That is a lot of the letter e.

I’m working on an in depth piece this week about DWI.
I rather enjoy it.
I like the eduction beat.
But damn I’m tired of writing about education.
It’s inane and takes little skill.

Our AE is leaving for two weeks.
That’s a long time.
I’m not sure why she is leaving for that long.
I’m not worried about doing the work.
That I can handle.
I’m worried about the sass.
I can’t take care of things and worry about others disgruntled-ness at the same time.

I need to start running again.
I see FB status posts about other people running.
I have no idea how.
I will melt.

Google+ now has a native iPhone app.
The dark days are over.

I LOVE my white-rubber watch.
It’s hard to type with it on.
Not good when you’re a reporter.

This day is dragging on.

Went to Cashew Inn for lunch today.
Sometimes I miss that place.
Worked hard there, felt good.
It’s hard to believe I left there 4 years ago.

I have been out of college for 4 years.
Top that off with my 10-year high school reunion is in 2 years.
Old person typing.

I’m trying to drink less pop.
I love Dr. Pepper.
It’s not going to be easy.

Pork chops for dinner tonight.
We were supposed to have them last night.
But rather than my Food Network Magazine approved yummy recipie, Adam requested chili dogs.
They were turkey dogs.
But still, damn.

Our intern is gone.
He was weird, but in a way I miss him.
He was funny.
And if nothing else made for good tweets.
He reminded me of a reporter who used to work here, but with less social skills.

I’m still addicted to words with friends.
I have acquired two new opponents since my last post.
@adchicky is doing quite well for herself. :)

Mmm refreshing water.
(I want some coffee.)

I’m tired of being poor.

It’s super HOT.
Will be all week.
I feel sorry for people like my Dad out there working.
I’m an air conditioned baby.
Going from the office to my car is painful.

The hubs and I are stuffing directories for his mom’s office this weekend.
We sit on the couch.
Watch TV.
Label envelopes.
And get paid $75.

I need some birthday plans.
Adam keeps asking me what I want to do.
I don’t really know.
I’m very bad about coming up with my own birthday plans.
I’m pretty sure pastries should be involved however.

We went to KC this weekend and had a blast with friends.
Saw HP7.2 at the AMC Cinema Suites.
A recliner, a waitress, free refills, full dinner menu, alcohol, a hot towel and a mint.
Shut the front door.
I can never see another movie in a theater like a hobo again.

We are going to see Captain America this weekend.
Adam is geeked out already.
He has been geeked out for months.
I bet he will wear his shirt.

KW5 was in KC this weekend as well.
Did we see him.
Because it’s a big city you say?
Because he doesn’t check his FB messages.
KW6 would have.

Millions of episodes of Bones are recording today.
I think I am almost caught up.
Parish the thought.
What will I watch then?

It’s time for some pug lovin’.

I imagine Danny would have looked something like this at the movies.


“…Excuse me Mrs. Busybody, can you pencil me in when you can…” July 14, 2011

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It’s Thursday.
I forgot to write a blog yesterday.
I don’t know what I was thinking.

Forgive any typos today.
I’m wearing a Band-Aid on a crucial home-row key finger.
Sliced it on the food processor while making gaucamole Tuesday night.
(No blood in the food and it was yummy—win win.)

It’s hot today.
Africa hot as one friend called it.
It has been hot all week.
It will be hot tomorrow.
That about sums up the current weather conditions.

The Christian County Fair is in town.
I can taste the fresh squeezed lemonade already.

Nobody is calling back.
I suspect because it is summer.
And they have a life.
And better things to do than an interview with me.

I have drank three bottle of water today.
Its hot.

We are headed to KC this weekend.
I love visiting with out KC friends.
It’s time for Harry Potter 7.2!!!!!!
(More whammers indicates more importance.)
I need to pack light.
I imagine its hot there too.
Skirts, shorts and capris are in orders.

I now have Google+.
I like it.
It’s going to take some getting used to though,
It’s not Facebook.
And I’m glad.
Want to join my circle?

The office has been pretty quiet today.
Except for when the intern was almost eaten by a lion.

I’m ready to go home.

About a million episodes of Bones should record today.

I have become addicted to Words With Friends.
I play constantly.
I win some.
I lose some.
I always have fun.

Adam and I made the drive up to Stockton Lake this past weekend.
Thanks to Robert, we found the perfect swimming spot.
Sans GIANT rocks.
I had a couple bruises on my shins.
But once you swim out far enough, you can’t touch the bottom anyway.

Donna just tweeted her 1,000th tweet.
She is such a newb.
I’m on 6,091.
Which is nothing compared to some people.

I can’t wait for a native Google+ app for iPhone.

Danny was off the wall last night.
Ran around all night like a crazy person.
Even brought his ball to me in bed.
I threw it.
He brought it back.
The proceeded to lay at the foot of the bed and squeak it.

In less than a month I will be 27.
Good god.

Speak of time.
We have been married 3 months and 4 days today.
I forgot my wedding ring at home for the first time.
I feel awful.
Adam said we were not married today.
Sad face.
We are going to have to start celebrating out anniversary on April 11.

What to make for dinner?
Married 3 months and running out of ideas.
This is no gouda.

I need more cute dresses.
Wore one to work yesterday.
Loved it.
The ladies in my office are rocking the cute summer dresses lately.
I have 4 total.
I need to step up my cute summer dress game.

Sandals I have covered.
(Unless you think I should buy more, Adam. Then I totally don’t have them covered.)

I think it’s time to go home.

Danny, circa this morning, demonstrating how to get "pug butt" on Adam's pillow.


“…and that’s the way, this wheel keeps working now…” July 6, 2011

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Hello Wednesday blog readers.
It’s blog time.

Work is decently slow today.
Called a lot of people.
Waiting for responses.

Brandon just called.
Haven’t talked to him in about three months.
He has under a year left now.
All is good.

Went to Subway for lunch today.
Ran into @ib4babs.
Had a BLT.
Got soaked in the rain on the way back.

I am currently playing 6 games of Words with Friends.
I think I have a problem.

Adam may have found us the perfect swimming hole for the weekend.
According to the locals, it has 6 people all Fourth of July weekend.
By locals, I mean Robert.

Attended a conference on MSIP5 yesterday.
Its really messed up.
And people are livid about it.
However, I don’t think DESE really cares.
Best part of the conference was the pastries.
We know I love Panera.
Took the extras to Adam and the boys.
They loved me.

The rain has stopped.

I wish I had a Dr. Pepper.

Adam and I took a roadtrip to the Downstream Casino Saturday.
We went in with $40 and left with $11.
Not too shabby for 3 hours of fun.
Plus we got to see the three states corner.
Way sweet.

I pioneered steak pita rolls this weekend.
I love chopping things.

Fireworks at the Field were good.
We were behind a street light.
We will know better next time.

Sidenote: Three old people next to us made out in the bed of their pickup.
That’s right: Three people.
Two girls, one boy.
I was SO glad I couldn’t see over the edge of the truck.

The news sports guy is quite.
Maybe shy.
Maybe he just thinks we are weird.
I think I’m weird, so he is probably right.

Finally mailed wedding thank you cards today.
It’s been almost three months.
Horrible bride skills on my part.

I still need to get an oil change.

The chicken running around the Ozark square has a new home.
The entire square was captivated by it.
Everyone was talking about it.
Donna even had me go take a picture.
So much fuss, one little rooster.

I feel lethargic today.
I think it shows in my writing.
A follow-up blog maybe necessary tomorrow.

I don’t know what to cook for dinner.

I made a (no-bake) cheesecake last night.
I added some vanilla and chocolate chips.
It’s amazing.

Adam loves Kool-Aid.
A lot.

I could go for a MudTurtle right now.
Maybe a double.

@cnnbrk is going nuts today with the tweets.
And none of it is really important.
Just makes my phone bleep.
Then the new sports guys looks at me.

Facebook is getting Skype.
That means nothing to me.

Facebook is becoming lame.
Twitter has so much more whit.
I just made that up.

Every time Adam goes in the backyard to grill Chuck sits at the window and whines.
It’s like she is a dog.
I translate that as: MOM. Daddy looks like he is having so much fun. Can I go, PLEASE!

A peoples.
(That is for you Adam.)

The people in the apartment above our office sound like they are herding elephants.

We are go for pug picture.

What up Danzig?


“…a trail of ruby red and diamond white…” July 1, 2011

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Holy crap it’s Friday and I haven’t written a blog yet.
Busy, BUSY week.
Couple covering a murder trial with the holiday weekend and BANG, busy.

“Fireworks at the Field” are on the slate for the weekend.
Traffic will be balls to the wall, but I think I can handle myself.

The annual pilgrimage to the Letterman house for the Midtown Fourth of July Parade is Monday.
We walk out the door.
Put our chairs down.
Watch the 20 minute parade.
And go inside.
Can’t mess with tradition.

I just went into the supply closet for some whiteout and found a green pen.
We know my love of green.
It now resides in my pen caddy.

I think I need a new picture frame for my desk.
No, three is not enough.
I need a super-cute wedding photo.
I’ve deemed it so, and now it must be.

It’s hot outside.
And not like, “Ugh this is uncomfortable.”
Or, “This heat make me lethargic.”
But. “Damn, I can’t breath out here and I’m melting into a sweat puddle,” kind of hot.
The kind of hot were Danny can’t even look out the window.
Just thinking about looking out the window makes him pant.

I had a double-shot for breakfast.
I couldn’t make my leg stop shaking.
Via Twitter: I may have been talking 90 miles a minute.
I did interview 4 people in a hour.

Adam has to work late today.

I followed up my double-shot with a bottle of water.
And a giant Dr. Pepper from Taco Bell.
Not so good.
I can feel the caffeine.

Chuck has taken to chasing bugs around the house at night.
Heaven forbid a rouge fly or moth make it though the doorway.
Following complicated acrobatic moves and a general amount of flailing, dinner is served.

I have Monday off.
I did all my pages today.
It feels good.

I have become addicted to the show Bones.
TNT is playing reruns left and right and left again.
I think the DVR recorded 8 of them yesterday.
They are calling my name right now.
(Temperance would say they can’t call your name, they are inanimate object. Ha!)

New sports guy started today.
No opinion yet.
He gets points for laughing at my chinos joke.
(You should have been there, it was funny.)

Office convo today centered on Demi Moore’s breast for at least 10 whole minutes.
The intern says she got a boob job for the movie Striptease.
“I wasn’t watching it for the dance moves.”
Oh snap.

I finally bought a super-cute white rubber watch.
I’ve wanted one FOREVER.
(Bones would say that is simply not true. I have however wanted one for months.)
It took me that long to find one without dumb fake diamonds around it.
I’m not fake, my jewelry shouldn’t be either.

Grilling is in order this weekend.

Today is First Friday.
I like art.
I like downtown.
We are not attending.
(See the aforementioned post on today’s heat.)

I’m almost out of pop-up Post-Its.
It’s tragic.

Happy Fourth of July.

Danny the patriotic pug via my new iPhone app.