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“…but the part that really gets me, are all the moments in between…” June 22, 2011

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I’ve been so busy this Wednesday I almost didn’t have time for my blog post.
What would Wednesday be without a blog post?
I shudder to think.

The criminals are out in full force today.
Hence why I have been so busy.
I just posted two to the web.
The crazies keep me on my toes.

I had a Yakisoba for lunch today.
AKA gourmet ramen noodles.
I’m not sure the nutritional value, but they have vegetables.
That has to count for something.
And they are 85 cents.

Made a mid-morning Starbucks run.
They always know how to perk up my day.

Adam introduced me to the show Firefly.
I got addicted.
Mal is a hottie.
I think I’m becoming a nerd.
(I already was a nerd.)

Popped in some HIMYM last night.
Made me miss MWM and KW5.
(Only about 2 percent of you will understand that post.)
(I’m sneaky.)

Adam and I need more couples friends.
We have some.
They all live far away.
We need to find our Marshmallow and Lily Pad.

Gave Danny Boy a bath yesterday.
He’s not fond of it, but he tolerates it.
Chuck sat on the edge of the tub watching.
At one point she poked him.
I think she was taunting him.
He gave me the puggy death stare.

Summer is in full swing.
It’s hot.

They are converting all the Springvegas QuikTrips into Casey’s.
I hate it.
QT’s were clean.
They had decent coffee.
There were two on my way to work.
Every time I go into a Casey’s it like the attendant just finished a line of meth.
And they smell.

Maybe brats for dinner tonight.
Maybe biscuits and gravy.
We have yet to decide.

My laundry is piling up.
I washed some underwear.
I’m good to go.

I think some shopping is in order this weekend.
I need some serious retail therapy.
Paying for a wedding is hard work.

Speak of the wedding.
We got a food processor as a gift.
I have ALWAYS wanted one.
Used it last night to make fresh pesto sauce for pasta.
It was like a little bit of chopped up heaven.
I LOVE fresh basil.
(I think I could just eat it raw.)

Tent theater this weekend.
A murder mystery from the 1940s.
I love live theater.
And I haven’t missed a season of Tent since I was a freshman in college.

I wish I had a Dr. Pepper right now.

My C25K is less 5K and more C right now.
I need to get back on the trail.
It’s so hot.

Some serious Shutterfly time is in order soon.
I need to make some wedding albums.
People are starting to ask.

Sidenote: We have filled out wedding thank you cards.
We need to buy stamps.
Curse you governmental regulations.

I need to get Millie’s oil changed.

Just got two more press release about criminals.
Give it a break people.
You are no Al Capone.
You will get caught.

Sidenote No. 2: I should have had a hot Capone for lunch.
Damn you Ben’s and your ridiculously tasty, yet mildly expensive sandwich.

It’s time for a pug.

Imagine this pug is Danny and this cat is Chuck and that's exactly how it happened.


One Response to ““…but the part that really gets me, are all the moments in between…””

  1. Adam Says:

    Basil…a little goes a long way.

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