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“…young and full of running, tell me where that has taken me…” June 15, 2011

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It’s Wednesday afternoon.
It’s time for a blog post.

It’s community guide week.
I dislike community guide week.

I also dislike being yelled at first thing Wednesday morning.
No matter what I write I will never please everybody.
Despite the fact that you think I slighted you, I didn’t.
You never even crossed my mind.
Chew on that one.

I just had a bowl of frosted Cheerios.
They made the day a little better.

It’s hot outside.

I went to Walmart to get milk for lunch.
I stepped in gum.
Hot, sticky, parking lot gum.
Another reason I hate Walmart.

I shouldn’t write blogs when I’m in a disgruntled mood.
The post has dark overtones so far.
I can feel it draining out of my fingers and on to the screen.

Bright spot: I talked to KW5 today.
He always has a way of making me smile.

Long day and it’s not even 1 p.m. yet.

An Ozark man won $100,000 in the lottery today.
I just put the story on the web.
I’m green with envy.

We’re grilling hamburgers for dinner tonight.
Adam wants to put cheese in the middle.
I have seen this done.
On TV.
Everything always looks easier on TV.

Triple B hosted a “hey you got married and registered here, now come buy some more stuff” event.
Everything was 20 percent off.
We got a complete new bed set.
It’s so soft.
So fluffy.
We also bought popsicle molds.
I’m gonna try tomato basil from the Food Network Mag this month.
(you know my love of basil)

Speak of which, we need to go grocery shopping.

Adam and I are headed to the Show Me Music and Arts Festival this weekend.
Press passes.

I feel like a break will never come.
Closed doors.
Not even a cracked window.

I missed the Republican debate.
I followed the sass on Twitter.
That’s all I really cared about anyway.
That debate is the best thing to happen to the Obama campaign yet.
(Coming from the lamestream media, take that for what you will.)

I miss The West Wing.

I’ve been playing Words with Friends non-stop lately.
Love that game.
I’ve beat Adam in 4 of the last 5 games.
Cause I’m a rockstar like that.
I still can’t beat MattyClaus.
He sucks.

The office is quite today.
Not many people here.
You know except those calling to yell at me.
And the lady placing a classified up front for “thousands in 1940s jewelry.”

Andy’s has a new mint chip concrete.
I must try this.

It feels like summer is dragging on.
It just started.

I feel like taking a drive.
Going nowhere and anywhere but here.
Gas is too expensive.

Made stuffed pork chops for dinner last night.
The result: A happy husband and a happy pug.

Married life is great BTW.
It is gouda.

I imagine Danny will look a bit like this when the Andy's comes.


One Response to ““…young and full of running, tell me where that has taken me…””

  1. monkeysandfish Says:

    I just bought a $3 scratcher, and won $6. Can I have a story?

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