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“…I’ve been waiting for a break in the clouds…” May 26, 2011

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It’s Thursday.
School is out for the summer.
Today my job as education reporter becomes very easy, or very hard, depending on how you look at it.

I’m writing an article about flooded river debris and Memorial Day.
Stay safe out there boaters.

I have been glued to Twitter these past few days in the aftermath of #Joplin.
It’s crazy.
It’s hard to imagine.

I wish I could have met Brian Williams.
I wish it was not because of this.

I just ate a can of SpaghettiOs for lunch.
Reminds me of when I was a little kid.
Yummy and only $1.
Double score.

There was a Frisbee on my desk when I got here.
(Did you know Frisbee is capitalized? It’s trademarked.)
Adam wants to start playing disc golf.
Frisbee’s are cheaper to learn with than actual disc-golf discs.

I started C25K.
I think I have too much C to 5K.
I think I was limping at the end of day one.

We have a new summer intern at the Headliner News.

I wanted a Hot Capone from Ben’s for lunch.
Damn being poor.

My old college roommate is coming to town this weekend.
We are going to have lunch in B-town,

Chuck won’t stop jumping on my side table at night.
I locked her out of the bedroom last night.
In protest, she flung all her water on the kitchen floor.
She gets her wild side from Adam.

It’s summer.
I don’t think I actually excited about it.
Between everyone else’s vacation, I don’t think I will have time for one of my own.

I know I took two weeks off for the wedding.
That is a life changing event.
Summer is summer.
It doesn’t count.

It’s cold today.
I wore flip-flops anyway.
And turned the heat on in the car.

I have to write a column this week.
Maybe I will just copy/past this blog.

I’m super excited to go on a picnic with the Clifton family soon.
I haven’t told Danny yet, but I feel some puggy circles coming on.

I don’t know that I will ever like running, but I am gonna try.
I have goals.

I live tweeted American Idol last night.
If you follow me, I bet you laughed.
A lot.

The office is too quite today.

What will I do with my life now that Idol is over?
Oh, that’s right, actually have a life.

Today I miss Adam working in Ozark.

I need to upload wedding photos to Facebook.
I get millions of requests for them.
By millions, I mean like five.
I guess people like us.
I need better Internet at home.

I think my iPhone has become attached to my hand.
It’s so much better than my Driod.

I am now the proud own of a Cards card.

I need to take Millie through the car wash.
I have decided I like her.
I should keep her clean.

Everybody is off Monday expect for me.
When my professors told me I would always have to work holidays I thought they were crazy.
I should have listened.

I’m still averaging about two press releases every 10 minutes about #Joplin relief.

People, please call me back.
I am a friendly reporter, I promise.

I think it’s time for a pug picture.

I imagine this is what Danny's "summer pug" will look like.


2 Responses to ““…I’ve been waiting for a break in the clouds…””

  1. Adam Says:

    I miss being there too.

  2. Trish Says:

    I love your blogs! I even kinda miss Adam being at Ozark. . .kinda.

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