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“…sitting in the slow-mo and listening to the daylight…” February 23, 2011

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Wednesday, bloody Wednesday.

#LouSarahStatusUpdates is the funnies hashtag I have seen in a while.
What a tard.

The ladies at Starbucks today were quizzing each other on new drink formulas.
It was interesting.
Also oddly made me miss school.

46 days now.
We got the preliminary final bill for the Crescent.

I just talked to my old elementary school principal on the phone.
Shout out to Mr. France.

I made panni’s for dinner last night.
I attempted to use the George Foreman grill.
I need a real press.
I think tortellini alfredo for dinner tonight.

Jack’s Mannequin and Michael BublĂ© are going to play Springvegas.
(Yes Adam, Springvegas)
That excites me.
We are finally starting to draw good bands.
Carrie Underwood did not qualify.

Droid finally has Words with Friends.
I’m already addicted.
i played “quiche” for 60 points this morning.
Best word yet.

I want to get my hair cut.
I feel pressure not to.

I think Chuck is getting fat.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.
I hope to work in some fried pickles.
I have a craving.

Fleebaggers cracks me up.

Donna says 324 sandwiches is an appropriate amount for 100 guests.
I question this.

Today I miss taking a lap with Little Kyle Wilson.

I think Tricia should start a blog.
She is hilarious. :)

It feels like all the little wedding things are falling into place.
And I am forgetting so many more of them.

I’m ready to go home.

It’s national FFA week.
Did you know that?
Me either.
I’m writing a story.
Ride ’em cowboy.

I cleaned out my reporter’s notebook drawer today.
So many.
What do I do with all those?
Will I ever need them again?
Can I throw then away?
So into a box they go.

90210 Annie needs to slap Emily.
Do it or I will.

I love the jeans I’m wearing today.

It’s suppose to rain tomorrow.
It always rains on NIE day.
I’ll wear my rain boats.

This blog is not very exciting.
Or funny.
I’m sorry if you have read this far.

Our friend Eric and his new girl are suppose to come over for dinner sometime this week.
I love dinner parties.
They involve so much cuteness.
That’s super C-U-T-E for those of you keeping track at home.

Adam you need to clean the house.

That’s it.
I think I’m done.
I need to go to sleep earlier.

This is how I feel today...



“…by the time I recognize this moment, the moment will be gone…” February 16, 2011

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You ever get a song stuck in your head?
This is my problem today.
“These are the moments……”
I don’t even know where I heard that song.

Had a great laugh at work today.
It was off the record.

Only 53 days now.
I remember when I started the countdown timer on my Driod.
It was at 300+.

Last night was my wedding dress fitting.
It fits like a glove.
I just needed the straps adjusted a bit and a bussel.
That was $145.
Nothing about getting married is cheap.

Leftover cashew chicken for lunch.
The smell reminds me of my days at Cashew Inn.

We have started to get RSVP cards back in the mail.
Three so far.
I love the little notes people add saying how excited they are.

Got the MOB dress last night.
She looked so beautiful.
She wants to walk down the aisle with Brandon.
I think that will be great.
He’ll be in is Navy blues.
So cute.

I’m a bit jealous of my brothers sweet Navy wardorbe.
It’s like he has built in special occasion outfits all ready to go.
No need to dress shop.

I need to find a rehearsal dress still.

The wedding topper has not come in the mail yet.
I expected it by now.
Adam told me they have until March 10.
I would rather have it now.

I’m drinking water.
Sweet, sweet water.

Green cordoroy jacket on today.
I love this jacket.
I have long monkey arms.
The sleeves are too short.
I’ll try not to raise my arms above my waist.

I just failed as I typed this.

This is word 271.

Chuck is looking better from her surgery.
They must have glued her skin funny.
She now looks like she has a belly button.
Its an inney.
The only acceptable kind according to Adam.

The snow is starting to melt.
I forgot what grass looked like.

Tricia got a loaf of fresh warm bread from a client today.
Oh it’s so yummy.
We know how much I love bread and all things bread related.

I’m starting to get used to the new office layout.
But its still weird.

Somedays I miss working in the same building as Adam.

Crystal is coming down Saturday for maid-of-honor dress shopping.
This is gonna be good.

Most days I miss working in the same building as Adam.

It’s chili cookoff weekend.
Oh sweet chili.
So much of you in one beautiful place.
They give you a cup and a spoon when you walk in the door.
How could that ever be bad.

The wedding invitations were/are a HUGE hit.
So many calls, texts and Facebook messages about them.
I’m so glad everyone enjoyed them as much as we did.

Now send me your RSVPs peeps.

I wrote to Natalie Dee.
She never responded.
I like her less now.

I can’t wait to wear my wedding ring.

I didn’t think Glee was that good last night.
But 9012OMG Batman.
That show is horrible.
I love it.

I bought Adam a PacMan Snuggie.

Pizza for dinner tonight.
Bring it on.

This is not Danny, but I find it high-larry-us!