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“…little by little, inch by inch…” December 23, 2010

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In a random act of craziness I’m typing another blog.
That’s two in two days.
Let the insanity begin.

It’s 3:05 on Thursday.
In one hour I will clock out for Christmas break.
By break I mean Friday off.
All my year in review work is done.
All my stories are typed.
Which brings me here.

Had Sonic for lunch.
It was good and made me feel like crap all at the same time.

We just had a convo about my wedding dress.
Donna says I should try it on to make sure it fits every so often.
I have never thought of that.
I’m gonna give it a few weeks of diet first.
I don’t want to freak myself out.

I’m out of Dr. Pepper.

The feeling in the office today is one of antcipation.
I will be gone tomorrow.
Meb will will gone.
Greg is already gone.
I’m sure others as well.
We are waiting for the clock to strike that magic number.

The snow forecast is growing ever whiter.

Reported on a high-speed chase this morning.
Speed of 120 mph.
People are crazy.

Adam and I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” last night.
Made me cry.
Also his Jimmy Stewart impression is High-larry-us.

I was 10th in line at Starbucks this morning.
This is not a win.

I need to remember to buy gas on the way home.
I suffered finger-sicles from the early morning wind today.

I need to take out my trash and clean my desk before the break.

Three whole days off.
I won’t know how to act.

I may have spoke out of turn on a friends Facebook status today.
I am a proponent of animal rights.
I felt offended.
I said something.
I’m sure others thought I was a bitch.
If I don’t speak for the animals who will?

The Headliner News how has 403 Facebook followers and almost 200 on Twitter.
I am slowly amassing an army.
A well informed army.

There is a plastic gingerbread man ring on my desk.
It’s red.

My empty Starbucks  cup is mocking me.

I’m ready to sleep in tomorrow.
Unlike today when I slept an extra hour—the alarm will not go off every 9 minutes.

Chuck was crazy last night.
On the bed.
Off the bed.
Crawling down the side of the bed.
On the bed.
Made for a poor night’s sleep.

Adam has to work tomorrow.
He doesn’t have to.
He says he has to.
I told him he was lame.

Word count 413.
Love that tool.

Only 10 minutes have gone by while I have typed this blog.
I hate you clock.

Danny is on my mind.

Adam feels like he doesn’t fit in at his new office.
Different personalities.
He’s not much for hunting, fishing, MMA or the like.
Apparently it’s the topic of many a convo.

I think a back rub is in order.

I need to clean the house

Adam needs to do the dishes.

Please go faster clock.

What do pugs think? They think they like PETA.


One Response to ““…little by little, inch by inch…””

  1. monkeysandfish Says:

    Jedi Mind Trick: Adam does not need to do dishes…

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