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“…love turns the whole thing around…I know the heart of life is good…” December 22, 2010

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It’s Christmas Eve Eve.
Happy Eve to everyone.

We are working on Year in Review at work.
It’s amazing the sheer amount of news that takes place in one year.
It’s interesting to go back and read my old stories.
it’s daunting to compile 6 stories at 500 words apiece into one 200 word segment.
I might be able to manage it when Adam gets me my “Emily Hoffman—ace reporter” name plate.

I ran to Wal-Greens for stocking stuffers at lunch.
It was a nut ball.

We are headed to KC for New Year’s this go round.
Board games, alcohol, fatty foods and friends are on tap.
I bought hats.

I’m drinking a Dr. Pepper.
I’m only feeding the office sugar high.
At Christmas time people bring stuff.
They leave it on the counter.
We eat it.
I’m gonna look like a cupcake soon.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas—and it looks like I may get my wish.

Wedding planning it progressing.
Only 109 days now.

Our 2-year anniversary is Dec. 27.
It’s hard to believe it’s been two years.
My how things have changed.
Anniversary mean the annual recreation of our first date.
I think this year’s movie is True Grit.
Slightly less cool than Sherlock Holmes last year.

All the presents are wrapped and nestled under the tree.
At least they were when I left.
Chuck may have ripped them to shreds while I’m gone.

BTW she is getting second belly.

Adam wrote a Year In Review blog today.
I’m not that cool.

My bra strap keeps riding down my shoulder today.
I hate that.

A new year always brings perspective for me.
What have I accomplished this year?
What will I do next year?
Robert Frost comes to mind again.

I need some winter boots.
For the love of god nothing with fluff on it.

The crime beat is keeping me busy lately.
I like that breaking news feeling.
On the flip side it means more people are doing more bad things.
I try not to think about that while I relish in being the first tweet.

I left my engegement ring at home yesterday.
As Jessica would say, “My finger was ashamed.”
Adam says he plans never to remove his wedding ring.
Mine gets tangled in my hair in the shower.

Donna hates our wedding shoes.
She wrote her whole column about them this week.
I think they are awesome.

I just noticed wordpress keeps a word count as I type.
We are at 410.
Apparently I ramble.

Please let this day end soon.
I miss my puggy.

Speak of which.

If one Christmas pug is good, three is better.



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