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“Here comes the cold, break out the winter clothes…” December 8, 2010

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This post is at the request of @megglossip.
She says I should blog more.
I agree.

It’s Wednesday in the office.
Wednesday means this weeks edition is fresh off the press.
Wednesday means a bit of relief.
Wednesday means phone calls.

I made 5 calls this morning.
I left 5 messages.
I haven’t done a single interview.
Typical Wednesday.

Adam and I are volunteering at the Christmas lights in the Ozark park tonight.
The CLOPS as he calls them.
It’s become sort of a tradition for us—even before we were dating.
I look forward to smiling faces, candy canes and frozen toes.
(not so much the toes.)

There were only 5 cars ahead of me in line at Starbucks today.
I consider this a win.

Chuck is growing rapidly.
So rapidly Adam has taken to calling her lump.
She’s lump, she’s lump. she’s lump—she’s right over there.

Her fascination with the bathtub and all things water continues.
Shower curtain has a few claw holes now.
Toilet seat must be put down.

Christmas is almost here.
This is a good thing.

Only 123 days until the wedding.
Holy crap.
But a good holy crap.
Things are going smoothly so far.
So far being the key word.

Our new sports reporter got married this summer.
He had 500+ guests.
That might kill me.
I shivered a bit when he told me.

Today I am rocking the red coat and green scarf.
That’s right—green scarf.

I made double-chocolate crackle cookies last night.
I ate two.
I shouldn’t have eaten any.

Baby its cold outside.

My Glee car CD is complete.
A compilation of my favs.
It made me cry on the way home yesterday.
Damn you Glee.

Apparently its Emily hits every red light on the west side day.
I had no idea.

Possible tickets to the lights at SDC this weekend.
Springfield parade Saturday.
Last year it rained.
We sat in the car.

Natalie Dee my be my comic-creating soul mate.

I’m twitchy from expresso.

Operation fuzzy bear is coming along nicely.

Students are sending me their Letters to Santa for our Christmas edition.
My desk looks like the North Pole.
I need to enlist some elves.
Or pugs.
Pugs would really be shat at typing, but damn they would look cute.

Speaking of pugs—Danny Boy is getting F-A-T.
He is skinny for a pug.
But he’s like a brick to carry around.

I believe this photo clearly illustrates as such.

Today I feel I have no whit.
I’m whitless.
I think this means I need to tweet more.

I want an iPhone.
My Driod sucks.
By sucks, I mean freezes up all the time.

Super secret Christmas presents for Adam are hidden in the house and he dosen’t even know it.

We need to put the lights up on our house.

To end with a Christmas pug.

(hint, hint)


One Response to ““Here comes the cold, break out the winter clothes…””

  1. Adam Says:

    Looking at the picture of Dan, clearly, we have 2 lumps in the house these days.

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