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“…come January we’re frozen inside…” December 29, 2010

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It’s that time again.
Wednesday afternoon.
Waiting for the calls.
Not enough to write.

We are in the midst of a redesign of sorts for the new year.
Just the editorial pages basically.
And the little things we mean to change on the templates each week and never do.
I’m fairly excited about it.
I think it’s going to be good for the paper.

I am also in the midst of a massive Facebook message convo with my KC peeps.
By massive I mean 6 of us.
But 6 people all replying to the same thread creates a lot of “you have a Facebook message” e-mails.
That is all I have to say about that.

I am really looking forward to New Year’s Eve this year.
(and yes it does have an apostrophe—AP told me so)
In the past I have gone out—to bars.
That was good when I was single.
Hell it was great.
However, last year we decided to stay home and watch movies.
It was fun, but I missed the live countdown and the atmosphere.
This year we are headed to our friends, the Greer’s, house in KC for what I’m calling an adult slumber party.
Adam won’t let me call it that—he says it sounds dirty.
Drinks will flow, board games will be played, maybe some Nintendo—we will crash in the spare bedroom.
It’s gonna be good.
I bought hats.

It’s new mug shot day at work.
Up against the brick wall, turn your head, smile.
The Headliner News—like the DMV only better.

I had McDonalds for lunch.
Did you know a filet-o-fish is only 320 calories.
Neither did I.

Only 102 days until the wedding now.

We brought home our new portable dishwasher last night.
It was heavy.
Dirty dishes go in, clean ones comes out.
Works like a charm.
Thanks Christmas money.

My lips hurt.
I need some Burt’s Bees.

I wore heels today.
They always make an outfit feel a bit more special.
In this case just dark jeans and a cute sweater.
But the sentiment is there.

The bag of Christmas candy on my desk makes me happy.
As of the first of the year it will be on the counter at work.
It will make somebody else happy.

Brady has Wii arm.
I want Wii arm.

Lips feel better now.

I had to drag Danny out of bed this morning.
He’s becoming a slig.
Shout out to my Dune fans.

It’s the last month for our shoe calendar.
Fabulous footwear each day.
I will miss you.

I can’t wait to be married.

NIE starts again next week.
I have not missed it.

I think 2011 is going to be a good year.

Little puggy say what?


“…little by little, inch by inch…” December 23, 2010

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In a random act of craziness I’m typing another blog.
That’s two in two days.
Let the insanity begin.

It’s 3:05 on Thursday.
In one hour I will clock out for Christmas break.
By break I mean Friday off.
All my year in review work is done.
All my stories are typed.
Which brings me here.

Had Sonic for lunch.
It was good and made me feel like crap all at the same time.

We just had a convo about my wedding dress.
Donna says I should try it on to make sure it fits every so often.
I have never thought of that.
I’m gonna give it a few weeks of diet first.
I don’t want to freak myself out.

I’m out of Dr. Pepper.

The feeling in the office today is one of antcipation.
I will be gone tomorrow.
Meb will will gone.
Greg is already gone.
I’m sure others as well.
We are waiting for the clock to strike that magic number.

The snow forecast is growing ever whiter.

Reported on a high-speed chase this morning.
Speed of 120 mph.
People are crazy.

Adam and I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” last night.
Made me cry.
Also his Jimmy Stewart impression is High-larry-us.

I was 10th in line at Starbucks this morning.
This is not a win.

I need to remember to buy gas on the way home.
I suffered finger-sicles from the early morning wind today.

I need to take out my trash and clean my desk before the break.

Three whole days off.
I won’t know how to act.

I may have spoke out of turn on a friends Facebook status today.
I am a proponent of animal rights.
I felt offended.
I said something.
I’m sure others thought I was a bitch.
If I don’t speak for the animals who will?

The Headliner News how has 403 Facebook followers and almost 200 on Twitter.
I am slowly amassing an army.
A well informed army.

There is a plastic gingerbread man ring on my desk.
It’s red.

My empty Starbucks  cup is mocking me.

I’m ready to sleep in tomorrow.
Unlike today when I slept an extra hour—the alarm will not go off every 9 minutes.

Chuck was crazy last night.
On the bed.
Off the bed.
Crawling down the side of the bed.
On the bed.
Made for a poor night’s sleep.

Adam has to work tomorrow.
He doesn’t have to.
He says he has to.
I told him he was lame.

Word count 413.
Love that tool.

Only 10 minutes have gone by while I have typed this blog.
I hate you clock.

Danny is on my mind.

Adam feels like he doesn’t fit in at his new office.
Different personalities.
He’s not much for hunting, fishing, MMA or the like.
Apparently it’s the topic of many a convo.

I think a back rub is in order.

I need to clean the house

Adam needs to do the dishes.

Please go faster clock.

What do pugs think? They think they like PETA.


“…love turns the whole thing around…I know the heart of life is good…” December 22, 2010

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It’s Christmas Eve Eve.
Happy Eve to everyone.

We are working on Year in Review at work.
It’s amazing the sheer amount of news that takes place in one year.
It’s interesting to go back and read my old stories.
it’s daunting to compile 6 stories at 500 words apiece into one 200 word segment.
I might be able to manage it when Adam gets me my “Emily Hoffman—ace reporter” name plate.

I ran to Wal-Greens for stocking stuffers at lunch.
It was a nut ball.

We are headed to KC for New Year’s this go round.
Board games, alcohol, fatty foods and friends are on tap.
I bought hats.

I’m drinking a Dr. Pepper.
I’m only feeding the office sugar high.
At Christmas time people bring stuff.
They leave it on the counter.
We eat it.
I’m gonna look like a cupcake soon.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas—and it looks like I may get my wish.

Wedding planning it progressing.
Only 109 days now.

Our 2-year anniversary is Dec. 27.
It’s hard to believe it’s been two years.
My how things have changed.
Anniversary mean the annual recreation of our first date.
I think this year’s movie is True Grit.
Slightly less cool than Sherlock Holmes last year.

All the presents are wrapped and nestled under the tree.
At least they were when I left.
Chuck may have ripped them to shreds while I’m gone.

BTW she is getting second belly.

Adam wrote a Year In Review blog today.
I’m not that cool.

My bra strap keeps riding down my shoulder today.
I hate that.

A new year always brings perspective for me.
What have I accomplished this year?
What will I do next year?
Robert Frost comes to mind again.

I need some winter boots.
For the love of god nothing with fluff on it.

The crime beat is keeping me busy lately.
I like that breaking news feeling.
On the flip side it means more people are doing more bad things.
I try not to think about that while I relish in being the first tweet.

I left my engegement ring at home yesterday.
As Jessica would say, “My finger was ashamed.”
Adam says he plans never to remove his wedding ring.
Mine gets tangled in my hair in the shower.

Donna hates our wedding shoes.
She wrote her whole column about them this week.
I think they are awesome.

I just noticed wordpress keeps a word count as I type.
We are at 410.
Apparently I ramble.

Please let this day end soon.
I miss my puggy.

Speak of which.

If one Christmas pug is good, three is better.



“Here comes the cold, break out the winter clothes…” December 8, 2010

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This post is at the request of @megglossip.
She says I should blog more.
I agree.

It’s Wednesday in the office.
Wednesday means this weeks edition is fresh off the press.
Wednesday means a bit of relief.
Wednesday means phone calls.

I made 5 calls this morning.
I left 5 messages.
I haven’t done a single interview.
Typical Wednesday.

Adam and I are volunteering at the Christmas lights in the Ozark park tonight.
The CLOPS as he calls them.
It’s become sort of a tradition for us—even before we were dating.
I look forward to smiling faces, candy canes and frozen toes.
(not so much the toes.)

There were only 5 cars ahead of me in line at Starbucks today.
I consider this a win.

Chuck is growing rapidly.
So rapidly Adam has taken to calling her lump.
She’s lump, she’s lump. she’s lump—she’s right over there.

Her fascination with the bathtub and all things water continues.
Shower curtain has a few claw holes now.
Toilet seat must be put down.

Christmas is almost here.
This is a good thing.

Only 123 days until the wedding.
Holy crap.
But a good holy crap.
Things are going smoothly so far.
So far being the key word.

Our new sports reporter got married this summer.
He had 500+ guests.
That might kill me.
I shivered a bit when he told me.

Today I am rocking the red coat and green scarf.
That’s right—green scarf.

I made double-chocolate crackle cookies last night.
I ate two.
I shouldn’t have eaten any.

Baby its cold outside.

My Glee car CD is complete.
A compilation of my favs.
It made me cry on the way home yesterday.
Damn you Glee.

Apparently its Emily hits every red light on the west side day.
I had no idea.

Possible tickets to the lights at SDC this weekend.
Springfield parade Saturday.
Last year it rained.
We sat in the car.

Natalie Dee my be my comic-creating soul mate.

I’m twitchy from expresso.

Operation fuzzy bear is coming along nicely.

Students are sending me their Letters to Santa for our Christmas edition.
My desk looks like the North Pole.
I need to enlist some elves.
Or pugs.
Pugs would really be shat at typing, but damn they would look cute.

Speaking of pugs—Danny Boy is getting F-A-T.
He is skinny for a pug.
But he’s like a brick to carry around.

I believe this photo clearly illustrates as such.

Today I feel I have no whit.
I’m whitless.
I think this means I need to tweet more.

I want an iPhone.
My Driod sucks.
By sucks, I mean freezes up all the time.

Super secret Christmas presents for Adam are hidden in the house and he dosen’t even know it.

We need to put the lights up on our house.

To end with a Christmas pug.

(hint, hint)