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“…here I stand, 6 feet small…” June 16, 2010

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As promised, here is another blog.
It has been less than 6 months since the last.
I win.
(and so do you)

We almost got Danny  a beagle friend yesterday.
Greg sent an e-mail that said a friend had three puppies that needed a home.
We said we might take one.
Greg called they were $50.
We said F that noise.
Free is one thing, $50 can go in the wedding fund.

Just had some Yakisoba noodles for lunch.
Highly superior to regular ramen.
The Japanese make a good noodle.
Totally worth the extra 75 cents.

Kyle sent me new 2010 Ap Stylebook rules today.
I was almost giddy.
I asked Greg for an 2010 AP Stylebook about a month ago.
He said no.
Then laughed at me.

Adam and I are less lobster like today.
How high do they make SPF?
Cause I thought 30 was good.
Do I hear 50, 60, 75?

The shoe calendar on the wall says March still.
I find this sad.

On tonight’s menu—Adam is gonna grill some bratwurst.
Then a new season of Top Chef is starting.
I like to watch cooking shows while eating.
I don’t know why.

Speaking of which, the FoodNetwork launched a new channel.
The cooking channel.
It is not included in my DISH “basic” 200 package.
sad face
If there is one thing in my life I need more of it’s cooking shows.

Its 298 days until the wedding.
So says the countdown clock on my phone.

When I looked the other day and it said 301 I thought we have plenty of time.
Then suddenly 299.
I got a little nevervous.
I need to get on the ball.
This thing is just around the corner!
We  have less than 300 days to plan a massive celebration of love!!
(Yes I meant to put a double whammer there)

I need a new red pen.

When I got in the car today there was a giant white bird poo on my hood.
Adam said that’s what I get for parking under the tree.
I judo chopped him.

Danny need to go get his 3 year rabies shot.
They grow up so fast.

Speak of pug.
Here is the customary random pug picture to finish.
And I’m out.

For Adam: I know your love of gnomes.


2 Responses to ““…here I stand, 6 feet small…””

  1. monkeysandfish Says:

    Jesus Christ. We MUST get danny a garden gnome costume.

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