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“…don’t say a word, just come over and lie here with me…” June 24, 2010

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Today I feel weird.
I don’t feel like my normal  happy self.
I’m letting the wedding stress get to me.
Which is crazy because it is 290 days away.
Mom called to say she thought we needed a wedding planner.
The thought has never occured to me.
I thought I had it under control.
Then she started asking all kinds of questions I didn’t have and answers for.
I felt out of control.
I hope it gets better.

Adam made me smile today.

I think as long as we stay true to each other and ourselves and don’t let outside influences get to us we will have a good day.

I hope.

I just went and got some Starbucks to cheer myself up while I wait for the school board meeting to start.
Coffee and chocolate make everything better.

Adam is cooking dinner tonight since I will be so late.
I like these nights for that reason.

I’m all alone at work right now.
It’s weird.
I going to be alone most of the day tomorrow too.
It seems everybody else has some sort of pressing plans that they HAVE TO do and I got stuck with the bill.
Literally I will be me, Adam and Lindsey in the office tomorrow.
That’s it.

We are headed to KC on Saturday.
It’s our 18 month anniversay and Adam wanted to do something special.
Which I thought was super sweet.
So we are gonna drive up and spend the day at the Nelson Atkins.
I’m excited to see Crystal.
She promised us breakfast in a cool little local spot.
Having my maid of honor in a different town stinks.
I miss her all the time.
I have tried to convince her to move back down here.
I hasn’t worked so far……
But I’m not going to stop trying. ;)

I wish the wedding were this fall rather than next spring.

I need a hug right now.

It’ so hot outside.
I almost died covering GLADE yesterday for an hour.
I had to bring a change of clothes.
It was horrible.

I got Danny Boy some herb pills today.
Carrie suggested them to stop his summer digging problem.
Said they worked on her dogs.
I sure hope they do cause $3 a bottle is a lot cheaper than a shot from the vet.
Fingers crossed.

I’m rambling.
Kind of like my column this week.

My life needs some color.

We watched Deadliset Catch last night.
I teared up when they showed Phil’s empty chair.

As this was a wedding related post, this seemed fitting.


“…here I stand, 6 feet small…” June 16, 2010

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As promised, here is another blog.
It has been less than 6 months since the last.
I win.
(and so do you)

We almost got Danny  a beagle friend yesterday.
Greg sent an e-mail that said a friend had three puppies that needed a home.
We said we might take one.
Greg called they were $50.
We said F that noise.
Free is one thing, $50 can go in the wedding fund.

Just had some Yakisoba noodles for lunch.
Highly superior to regular ramen.
The Japanese make a good noodle.
Totally worth the extra 75 cents.

Kyle sent me new 2010 Ap Stylebook rules today.
I was almost giddy.
I asked Greg for an 2010 AP Stylebook about a month ago.
He said no.
Then laughed at me.

Adam and I are less lobster like today.
How high do they make SPF?
Cause I thought 30 was good.
Do I hear 50, 60, 75?

The shoe calendar on the wall says March still.
I find this sad.

On tonight’s menu—Adam is gonna grill some bratwurst.
Then a new season of Top Chef is starting.
I like to watch cooking shows while eating.
I don’t know why.

Speaking of which, the FoodNetwork launched a new channel.
The cooking channel.
It is not included in my DISH “basic” 200 package.
sad face
If there is one thing in my life I need more of it’s cooking shows.

Its 298 days until the wedding.
So says the countdown clock on my phone.

When I looked the other day and it said 301 I thought we have plenty of time.
Then suddenly 299.
I got a little nevervous.
I need to get on the ball.
This thing is just around the corner!
We  have less than 300 days to plan a massive celebration of love!!
(Yes I meant to put a double whammer there)

I need a new red pen.

When I got in the car today there was a giant white bird poo on my hood.
Adam said that’s what I get for parking under the tree.
I judo chopped him.

Danny need to go get his 3 year rabies shot.
They grow up so fast.

Speak of pug.
Here is the customary random pug picture to finish.
And I’m out.

For Adam: I know your love of gnomes.


“…I’ve got a plan, I’m gonna find out just how boring I am…” June 9, 2010

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So I haven’t written a blog in a while.
To be more percise, since January.
A ton has happened.
Most of which involves me becoming ENGAGED to the man I love.
Star date: April 10, 2011
That’s only 305 days from now if you’re counting.

Crystal is the maid of honor.
Little Kyle Wilson is the best man.
The Cresent Hotel will be our back drop.
It all sounds perfect.
Now just to pay for it……

Its really hot outside.
I don’t like it.
I miss fall and winter and thremometers that read below 60.

It’s 49 cent pop time at QT.
That makes Adam pretty happy.

I have become addicted to wedding shows on TV.
WE has a whole day dedicated to it.
Girl Meets Gown in my favorite.

The Glee finale was on last night.
I’m listening to the soundtrack volume 2 right now.
In typical Glee style I squealed, I gasped and I cried.

Friday is Relay For Life.
I’m not excited about it this year.
I actually contemplated leaving at midnight.

I feel the need to be creative lately.
I think I may paint tonight.

Danny is not enjoying the heat.
Its the Puggy Day of Summer.
They basically consist of laying around in the A/C, going out for 2 minutes to pee, laying around some more and then eating some Andy’s.
It’s a rough life.

Danny Boy needs a friend.
I want another pug.
They cost $500 bucks.
That’s too much to take from the wedding fund.
Adam wants to get a free kitten.
OK, I’ll take a kitten.
But it’s not the same.
I still want another pug.

I’m poor.

I have some Commerce Bank post-its on my desk I got for free at the business expo.
They are round and make a nice faux slinky.
I enjoy this.

I find Natalie Dee very funny.
It’s like she knows me.

We have plans to go to the lake this weekend.
Looking forward to it.
Bought a new swimsuit couple weeks ago.
When I say bought, I may mean charged.
May have cost me $100 on sale.
When I say, I mean it did.

Downloading Driod apps has become my new hobby.

Deadliest Catch was on last night.
Capt. Phil is about to die.
I find this very sad.

I need more Springfield friends.
Why do all my friends have to live in other cities?

Adam and I are thinking about taking ballroom dancing lessons for the wedding.
Everywhere we look offers them on Monday nights.
Precedent has been set.

We got college-rule reporter’s notebook’s back.
I don’t feel like I’m three anymore.

Adam and I are thinking of trying out trivia night at Patton Alley.

I’ll try not to wait so long before posting.
I make no promises.

Danny Boy after a 15 minute walk in the park this week. The Puggy Days of Summer claim another victim.