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“…the rhythm of a line of idle days…” January 8, 2010

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It’s Friday.
Oh happy Friday.

The snow is still falling.
Big fat lovely flakes.

Adam surprised me this morning.
Tonight will be a date night.
I love date nights.
Dinner and a movie downtown.
Farmers Gastropub and the Moxie.
I love date night.

I just left the OC where I saw an SUV parked halfway up the side of a snowbank.


I took some Youth In Motion pictures.
They were not so hot.
It’s hard to take Youth in Motion pictures when your youth are not in motion.

Danny Boy was freezing this morning.
Nothing his Snuggie couldn’t fix.

Things I have learned today:
Doe’s Eat Place is super expensive.
Right hand pages are even pages.
If you take pictures of kids in the pool, you will get wet.

I think everybody is ready for the snow to go away.
Parents are tired of kids being home.
Kids are tired of being home.
Wives wish their husbands would go back to work.
Snow is beautiful, but the Ozarks are not prepared to deal with it for an extended period of time.

We are going to pick up our new pantry today.
I’m excited.
We need it.

I think I’m  gonna make mini-pizza for dinner tomorrow.
We need to go to Sam’s.
I gallon jug of EVOO is in order.

I would like some Andy’s.

I did some sit-ups last night in prep for my grand return to Zumba.
My abs are killing me every time I laugh.
But its a good hurt.

Lola needs a bath.
She is full of salt.
She looks gross.

The Christmas “Shoe of the Day” calendar has proved to be quite fun.
I think Cluckster may like it best.

I have to pee.

I journey to the mall is in order this weekend as well.
I hit the bottom of my favorite tub of body butter last night.
It was tragic.
Body Shop here I come.

And just like that, Hello weekend.
I’m happy to see you.

Pugs hate snow.


“…So young and full of running…” January 6, 2010

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So right now there is no Internet at work.
(I am typing this in a text document to be posted later.)
There has been no Internet for more than an hour.
It seems like an eternity.

I don’t know how old-school reporters did it.
It was 1995 up in here.

—What’s the phone number for blah blah blah?
—I don’t know, Google it.
—Wait we don’t have Google.
—Shit. Do we have a phone book?

Turns out we do.
We have about five of them.
They are all like from 1995.

You never know how much you use something until you don’t have it anymore.
No TweetDeck.
No e-mail.
No research.
No nothing.

Just calls.
And phone interviews.

Maybe I’ll  go to lunch and kill some time.
Let me check my bank account.
Wait no Internet.

People can only take so much torture before they crack.

I’m full of impending snow storm banter right now.
It’s all anybody wants to talk about during these phone interviews.
How much do you think we will get?
I heard blah blah blah.
Well I head 68 inches.
All kind of banter.
I am running out of winter/snow banter.

A computer with no Internet? F this.


“…and then the sun came up again…” January 5, 2010

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So yeah.
It has been a while since I have blogged.
I know this one because my last post was Aug. 30.
And two because in the last week three people have told me I need to blog again.
So here I go.

A lot happens in 6 months.
Mostly Adam.
That is what has happened in 6 months.
We just celebrated our one year.
And we are damn cute.

It was -3 degrees when we drove onto work this morning.
If you are my Facebook friend, you will know that is just wrong.
There is still a couple inches of snow on the ground and round two is expected tomorrow night.

I need to get some boots.
Right now I am wearing Adam’s fuzzy Crocs.
Which he tells me I look cute in.
He has a bias opinion.

It’s the start of a new year.
We just sent our next issue to press.
Star date: Jan. 6, 2010.

I have rediscovered the joys of playing N64.
I’m not a gamer.
But I fucking love playing N64 games.
It I can totally get down with some Mario Cart.
That that red shell Toad you little bitch.
Adam says Mario Cart brings out my potty mouth.
I have no clue what he is talking about.

Burt’s Bees Beexwax Lip Balm makes my lips feel all minty.
I like it.

I think Adam is addicted to coffee.
Every other morning he is all I think we need to get some coffee.
He is still on the sweet stuff.
But sooner or later he is gonna join the rest of us on the hard stuff.
They always do.

Danny the Pug may get a little brother soon.
Adam wants a dog.
I know shock of all shocks.
He wants to name it Karl.
With a K.
He was very specific about that.
My original thought—black pug.
Then Adam went all dog “research” crazy and we went thought a dozen breed types.
He settled on a bulldog.
(Go Central!)
And then realized a bulldog was thousands of dollars.
Then he found a black Pug on the Pug Rescue Web site.
His name is Elvis.
He and Danny may become best friends.

I got a wok for Christmas.
I made some kick ass stir-fry.
It was yummy.

As is tradition with my blog, here is a picture of a pug.

This is a black Pug. His name is Elvis. ;)