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“…too many hours in this midnight…” August 4, 2009

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Monday is over.
Longest day ever.
Left the office at 10:30 p.m.
Clock it 14.

Just had a frosty for Wendy’s.
You can’t frown when eating a Frosty.
I miss Kyle.

It’s three days until my birthday.
One word: Bombpop.

I think it’s official.
Facebook has become a craze.
Greg has a page now.
As a person who remembers when it was just a “college thing” I think thats crazy.
I have had mine since 2004.
Damn 5 years of Facebook.

Also this blog does not recognize Facebook as a word.
Little red line.
Funny cause I hear it is a craze.

TV died at my parents house.
Big thing.
They took the TV from my room.
It looks tiny.
I missed Keith.

I can see Adam’s In and Out Burger hat.
It makes me want to eat there.
I hear its good.
It may be a craze.

The Wal-Mart Subway, ghetto as it may be, is highly surperior to the regular one.
And that’s sad.

I’m at 25 hours for the week and it’s only Tuesday.
It’s gonna be a long week, or rather a really short one.

I have to go to Lane to pay my bill.
I go to Lane I want to buy things.
I buy things it increases by bill.
Vicious cycle.

I just pushed the easy button.

By this time next week I will be on vacation.
Adam is going to rock the fauxhawk at Green Day.
Much like this.


Nice, Adams, nice

Do the truffle shuffle.

NIE workshop tomorrow,
Should be a blast.
And by blast I mean long and tedious.

Also for fun via Google images.

Can I get bacon on that?

Can I get bacon on that?

And like the fat kid in Dodgeball, I’m out.


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