accidental existence

Life, one sentence at a time

“…hummingbird was making rings of blue and blurs of purple in the air…” August 1, 2009

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I’m a day closer to be a quarter of a century old.
Feels like that should mean something.
I just wrote my column about it.

Did you know the first Mac came out in 1984?
Cause I didn’t.

Meyer Library was closed today.
No rare book exhibit for us.

Had some Chinese buffet for brunch.
Yummy and healthy.

Adam won tickets via the radio to see the Beach Boys at the fair last night.
We were Surfin’ USA.
Had a giant corn dog.
Adam had a root beer jug.
Good times were had.

Crystal called my phone to talk to Adam today.
I don’t think I like that at all.
It’s OK, cause they were talking about me.
Wait, what?

Pop is 59 cents tat K-Go right now.

I have to work at the office tomorrow.
Meb is on vaca and somebody has to do it.

I love mahogany.

Bob Andreson died more than 200 years ago.
But he left a hella sad radio signal playing.

Adam has seven plastic water bottles lined up across the coffee table.
I think he is starting a collection.

I’m looking forward to KC so much I almost can’t stand it.
Five whole days away from work.
It is going to be like bliss.
Adam and I (mostly Adam) made a travel guide online.
Jazz Museum, WWI Museum and fountains are all on the agenda.
We like museums.
Time with friends and Osceola cheese, what more could I ask for?

I ran into an old friend from elementary school at the fair last night.
It was good to see her again.
We both looked different, but as she said the voice and the smile were still the same.
We were best friends for five years before she moved away.
It was a happy fair surprise.

I may have, quite possibly, maybe, most likely have been on a Surf Safari this morning.

Andy’s tonight.
I’m excited.

We have four hours worth of cooking shows on the DVR to watch.
I’m excited.
And what is more interesting, so is Adam.

I miss Danny.

I’m done being creative for the day.


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