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“…the wheel keeps spinning…” July 28, 2009

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Here I am.
Blooging again.
I have missed it.
Some of you may be familar with my past MySpace bloggings.
I have since decided MySpace sucks.
But I have not abandonded blooging.
Hence this new format.
I’m a writer.
I could never abandon something I love.
We will see what this Word Press business brings.
So far, user friendly.

Today was Tuesday at work.
Amelia will be on vaca for the next two weeks.
I can feel the stress already.
But at the same time, I know I can handle it.

I just got home.
Started a load of laundry.
And decided to create a blog.
Productive afternoon.

Danny is snoring on the bed beside me.
Little puggy dreams.

I think Adams and I may have found a super cute Halloween costume idea.
Yes I know it is only July.
The best things come with planning.
Especially Halloween costumes.
This junk takes time, effort and money.

Mmmmm Dr. Pepper.

Godfather’s pizza buffet is pretty good.

I think there is a new Deadliest Catch on tonight.
I oddly like that show.
I don’t know why.
I have never had any interest in crab fishing.

I have gotten Adams addicted to cooking show now.
He has joined the darkside.
Chopped, the Next FoodNetwork Star, Top Chef…he watches them all.
Does he love them, or just me, who knows.

Yesterday was our seven month anniversary.
Yes we celebrate the months.
Because each month is a new joy.
I cooked dinner.
It was cute.

Bought tickets to see Coulton in Spetember.
That man can turn a muscial phrase.

It’s only 11 days until my birthday.
I will be a quater of a century.
Damn that feels old.


I think the washer just beeped.

I have no plans for the night.
And it kind of feels nice.

I left my painting supplies at Adam’s.
I could use to be artistic right now.

Pants, pants, pants.

Let’s see what this block quote button does.

does this look any different?
There is no preview function I can see.
Still learning.

DVR is calling my name.
Oh you siren of the great digital masses.

Everybodies pants.


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